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  1. Skip

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Thank you all-Jaybeaux, hold the aft cabin for me and the Asst. Sec. of the USAF....
  2. Skip

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Sad to report that TBIV is in brokerage. Between my wife’s new job, my growing Company, and our youngest son’s college prep baseball travel league, every weekend this summer is booked. When she sells will be the first time since I was 24 that I have not owned a boat, and the first time in 18...
  3. Skip

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Space in the ER between the MANs is tight. Access to the outboard side of both engines is also tight. In the mid Atlantic where I boat there are very few MAN trained technicians, so forming a good relationship with your MAN dealer is essential. We love the boat-it rides far better in sloppy...
  4. Skip

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Thank you all for your feedback. This is the best owners board - hands down. We ran TBIV 250 miles last weekend....down the Potomac and up the Chesapeake to Cambridge MD and return. Steep 4’ on the bay with spray over the hard top Friday morning (NOAA Forecast winds NW @ 7, seas 1-2‘ )...
  5. Skip

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Gentlemen, (you too, Carter) Am still running the original E120s and Raymarine AP and Radar in TBIV What, if anything, have you done in terms of replacements? Everything I have works, and we have bought the retirement home in St. Thomas USVI so the 58 will give way to a sailing Cat in 4-5 years...
  6. Skip

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    We have a Nautica (11’LOA) with a 40HP Yamaha. I have to watch the OB lower unit in tight or windy situations but no big deal.
  7. Skip

    420 DA Thread

    We love the 58....our floating home in the summer. The V8 MANs are a great match for the boat
  8. Skip

    420 DA Thread

    Jaybeaux and I were recommissioning Truly Blessed IV yesterday and saw Truly Blessed II, our 03 420 DA, pull in to the Marina to pump out. We traded her in November ‘13 for the 52DB. I think she has had three different owners since that time. Still looking good, and she was the inspiration...
  9. Skip

    420 DA Thread

    Hard to believe it has been 13 years and change since I started this thread. We loved our 03 420DA. We ran the 58 up to DC two weeks ago (just before the recreational boating ban..thank you, Chinese Communists) and saw the old 420DA (now on her 4th owner) going down the river. Sadly no longer...
  10. Skip

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread has been a while since I visited this company went from 13 to 82 employees last year and even with the current virus shutdown I think 2020 is going to be another great year. Between the Company growing, sending our oldest off to College, and losing my Mom and Dad two months...
  11. Skip

    Looking for a mechanic on eastern shore Md, Easton, St Michael area

    Circling back on this thread-my friend has a 2017 240 Sundeck, 6.2/BIII on a lift in St. Michaels. Needs annual services, winterization, and shrink wrap on the lift for the Sundeck, plus annual services on a 2017 70 Yamaha OB (boat is on a trailer)-and annual services and winterization of a...
  12. Skip

    500/520 DB official thread

    Just replied to your email on oil pressure
  13. Skip

    480 DB Owners Club

    Our 2007 52DB had leaking fuel tanks-identified during survey. The salon was disassembled. There is a large fiberglass deck plate that is screwed and caulked in place. That came out, then the MANs and transmissions came out, so we could get to the fuel tanks. Total repair cost to the seller...
  14. Skip

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Just had the same services done on my boat, Carter. This was a part of the sales contract that we negotiated......the dealer estimated 20K. I also had the port oil cooler gasket replaced. Starboard was done before we bought the boat, and having had the port gasket fail on the 52 (with the...
  15. Skip

    420 DA Thread

    In my '03 420DA the fluxgate compass was mounted behind the glove box at the helm. I know this because in the process of troubleshooting the magnetic switch on the cockpit door (the one that, when working properly, prevents the hatch lift from engaging when the cockpit door is closed, thus...
  16. Skip

    New to me 2011 520DB

    You will love the 52-great layout, lots of storage, and plenty of room for parents and kids to spread out. My wife and I loved the bridge-with heat, AC, SAT TV and stereo it is a wonderful place to hang out. You've already experienced the way the boat will plane, and stay on plane, at...
  17. Skip

    Carpet backing brittle - any way to save them?

    I just did the same thing to the cockpit carpet on our 07. This process extended the life of the carpets in our 420DA by 5 years.
  18. Skip

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    We traded in our '07 52DB, Truly Blessed III, for an 07 58DB, creatively named Truly Blessed IV. We spend a lot of time on the boat and the full beam master state with queen bed that we can walk around to make is nice, as is the larger bridge and salon. Plus....our youngest is now taller than...
  19. Skip

    What about those of us who tow to the water? Lets see your tow rigs.

    The 52 does not trailer, but we tow our 2006 Mastercraft X80, the Junkyard Dawg, (28’ LOA, 9’ beam, twin 350 HP Indmar V Drives) with a 2006 F250 Lariat with a V10 FX4 and 4:11 rear end...which I call Megatron.
  20. Skip

    New Owner

    I have about 500 helm hours in my 52-same boat as yours, just two years younger. We are the second owners. Welcome Skip