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  1. Offshore57

    Backing into a slip against a wind

    we have a similar berth, and occasional can get your boat to crab sideways, if you turn the drives to port, put the left drive into forward and the right drive into reverse, the left drive pushes the stern in and the right one pulls the bow to the right at the same...
  2. Offshore57

    Trim Tab ACS

    Good decision......:smt038
  3. Offshore57

    Official (1990-1993) 270/290 DA thread

    I put this originally ion the Modififications thread but it works so well on my 1991 270 Sundancer so here it is..
  4. Offshore57

    Trim Tab ACS

    I have a 1992 SR 270 Sundancer, and use trim tabs all the time for adjusting to compensate for wind, people moving about and general conditions. With Twin motors and drive trim and trim tabs it can occasionally get quite busy having to tweak this or that depending on what is going on at the...
  5. Offshore57

    Official (1990-1993) 270/290 DA thread

    Hi could try having one of the props worked, maybe make the blade area smaller or take some cupping out to reduce the torque need to spin it.......failing that a High 5 might give you easier planing with less power......
  6. Offshore57

    Why are SR's so much higher priced than Bayliners?

    Maybe its the heavy cleats :-) I was going to mention the whole Labour hours thing but Gary Hill beat me to it a few posts back. (Glad I read the whole thread first). Production / Design labour costs as well as extra material and therefore weight are where the major differences are in my...
  7. Offshore57

    please help my baby sister

    Went to donate, but its closed for the time being, so sending my best wishes to your little Sis and your family from across the pond... Dave in UK
  8. Offshore57

    6" matter

    We have a 1991 270 and we love it....loads of room...
  9. Offshore57

    classic lines

    Ours is 25 years old this year....but I love the lines....
  10. Offshore57

    Why did you pick your current boat?

    Between me and the Admiral we have had a lot of boats over the years...I raced for ten years in Offshore till 2010....and our previous boat, a Ring 21C with 200 Yamaha was good for nearly 70 mph....then we had a yearning for a motorhome to tow it to different places and we enjoyed that for a...
  11. Offshore57

    What does everyone do for a living?

    Ex Royal Navy Helicopter engineer, now drive a desk as Project Manager for Safety and Environment in a UK Naval Base....its a living....the Admiral works here too......
  12. Offshore57

    New - CSR Members Map

    i'm there...South Coast UK
  13. Offshore57

    Alpha 1 Gen 2 Sterndrives

    Dennis, thanks for the response...I was trying to save some money by getting replacement upper and lower units for the worst of the parts. Ive now bought 2 complete Alpha 1 gen 2 drives (one CR) so we should be ok now.....onwards and upwards...already got new transom shield assemblies so the...
  14. Offshore57

    Alpha 1 Gen 2 Sterndrives

    Hi Dennis, thanks for the reply....its more the whole counter rotation bit that I'm concerned about...
  15. Offshore57

    Alpha 1 Gen 2 Sterndrives

    Hi all....I am replacing the Alpha 1 gen 2 sterndrives on my sundancer (2 x V6 Merc) I know the gear ratio is marked on the top unit, but is it the upper or lower unit that decides the prop rotation? I think the lower units are the same and the forward direction of rotation is created in the...
  16. Offshore57

    My $500 270DA.

    That is a great buy and you can tell she will finish up looking really good....keep up the good work.. Dave in UK
  17. Offshore57

    This would be fun to have on our boat

    I contacted Lily cam and they said they wouldn't be shipping to the UK in I'm stuffed...I really like this one, so I will wait and see what happens to the company.
  18. Offshore57

    Is there any hope for shrunken Marine canvas?

    Just bought a pack from Sailrite......thanks for the link.
  19. Offshore57

    250DA mystery button

    Don't touch that !!!!!!!!!!!....too late.....
  20. Offshore57

    Lost my hero last night

    Deepest sympathy from the Uk......