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  1. brewster16

    44 Dancer Dash Mods

    The new shift knobs will make a huge difference and complete the look. Nice job...
  2. brewster16

    Copper reaction

    Ive used zinc galvanized paint on running gear with pretty good results for several years. Trying an experiment this year though.....just had my newly tuned props ceramic coated....stay tuned!
  3. brewster16

    420 DA Thread

    Interesting! I like
  4. brewster16

    ZF transmission on survey has water

    A single Transmission/fuel cooler combination was $1250.00 for my boat. Keep in mind my boat has Cummins QSC engines which are obviously diesel.
  5. brewster16

    ZF transmission on survey has water

    For starters I would certainly want to see documentation of the maintenance history on the boat. I would not buy any boat without that information.
  6. brewster16


    dumb, dumber and dumbest
  7. brewster16

    420 DA Thread

    It's a Lofrans Project 1000 windlass. You need the clutch nut. Lofrans is an Italian company and they don't make that model anymore. I can't remember where I found one but you should be able to locate a clutch nut for it for about $150.00.
  8. brewster16

    Boat sale question

    Thats a pretty tall order....I wouldn't agree to that. I agree with bahamabreisus suggestion.
  9. brewster16

    420 DA Thread

    I think I had the same snapped clutch nut a few years ago....I used a needle nose plier and was able to get it out with clockwise turning. I was dreading the fight but it ended up releasing much easier than I imagined. Usually they snap because someone accidentally overtightened it thinking...
  10. brewster16

    420 DA Thread

    True….clutch nut is left handed thread
  11. brewster16

    DOJ lawsuit against Campbell Soup

    Wow has this thread gone off the rails from the OP! (I like Cambell's tomato soup with hot sauce in it)........ But, what about waterkeeper Sandy Bihn and western Lake Erie? ;)
  12. brewster16

    Cost to install Koehler/Westerbeke Generator on Sea Ray 280/290

    I'd say that about covers that subject! Can't ask for more than that....
  13. brewster16

    So, lets talk weather....

    I'm really not sure what our traffic reporter even said!
  14. brewster16

    Buying and selling private

    Well, I know Arizona has other attributes outside of boat brokers :)
  15. brewster16

    Buying and selling private

    Some of you say there is no tax on private sales. What happens when you try to register the boat in your home state? In my state you have to produce a bill of sale and pay sales tax.
  16. brewster16

    1000 Hour Service Cummins 6cta Sedan Bridge 420

    That is 100% true....a guy could do this himself without a doubt. I wish I had the knowledge the time and the tools to do it because I love doing mechanical work on my boat. However, having observed the firm that did the work for me I noted that there are many, many parts and pieces to take...
  17. brewster16

    1000 Hour Service Cummins 6cta Sedan Bridge 420

    That was a long time ago!......more like 12-15K for all 3 engines these days
  18. brewster16

    Anyone near

    Maybe re-post in midatlantic board? There are many guys on the eastern shore and Kent Narrows area on here that would be happy to take a look for you.
  19. brewster16

    Any Cattle Farmers on here, or Livestock, etc

    Marketing genius!
  20. brewster16

    What the hell did I buy?

    Another winner....