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  1. Mattwalker

    Tubing on a 280

    We love tubing on our 240DA - No issue except those already mentioned!
  2. Mattwalker

    MattWalker's Aussie 240DA Adventures

    From the back of the boat on the bay today: In the marina:
  3. Mattwalker

    Is this rust?

    Thanks guys! I will try a rust removal solution this week and see how it goes! Cheers, Matt
  4. Mattwalker

    A different take on $4 gas...

    Average price in Aus is $6.80 per gallon - you guys are doing OK ;)
  5. Mattwalker

    Is this rust?

    Hi guys, Could someone please have a look at this pic and help me with what it may be and the best way to clean it? I have tried scrubbing with water but and reluctant to use anything that may "set" the stain. Can I use CLR on it perhaps? Will this hurt the boat? Cheers, Matt
  6. Mattwalker

    Official 240 Sundancer Thread

    If I remember correctly it is a custom cover for a generator...
  7. Mattwalker

    WOW! Check This Out....AMAZING!

    If I can get this in Australia I am willing to give it a go!
  8. Mattwalker

    Help with video format please.......

    The CCCP pack is awesome - don't worry about the russian link its just hosting :) I can host it for you and call it OZCCCP if you like
  9. Mattwalker

    Marina etiquette rant

  10. Mattwalker

    Help with video format please.......

    Download this pack - works with everything!
  11. Mattwalker

    Why is it that all the good weather days are work days?

    OK ... so today whilst I was finishing my extended lunch break I grabbed a couple of mates and headed out for some WOT cruising! The day was almost perfect, no swell, no wind if a little cold - but it was like glass and we let the fish know we were there... :) Here's a shot looking back over...
  12. Mattwalker

    MattWalker's Aussie 240DA Adventures

    Hi Jim, It was but with a wife, kids and pets it was not pratical anymore - Now I am about 15 minutes away with some land and a big backyard! :)
  13. Mattwalker

    Why is it that all the good weather days are work days?

    True :( Yesterday I was at IKEA with the family whilst my buddies were out in Port Melbourne in this:
  14. Mattwalker

    MattWalker's Aussie 240DA Adventures

    My baby hanging out with all her friends....
  15. Mattwalker

    Why is it that all the good weather days are work days?

    Case in point: Looking from Frankston over Port Philip Bay to Melbourne City.
  16. Mattwalker

    Winterization - What is it?

    Hi guys, This is my first year with a boat and it is currently stacked inside a shed in dry dock storage. Today I received the following "offer" from where the boat is stored and I wondered if it is a legitimate cost or just an optional extra. Does this sound expensive? This is the email...
  17. Mattwalker

    went boat shopping today at marinemax

    Fingers crossed for you! Wonder how much to ship the 240 to Aus? :)
  18. Mattwalker

    Upgrade from 1998 240da to a 2002 28da?

    Hi guys, I have a serious case of "upgraditis" and this is my new thought: I currently have a 240 as per my signature and I need something for myself, the wife and 2 young children as...
  19. Mattwalker

    Hurricane Sandy Boat Selling Help / Advice

    I am happy to buy this if it is still for sale.
  20. Mattwalker

    It Seems The Newtown Massacre Wasn't About Guns: He Was A "Glory Killer"

    Sorry ... How many mass shooting in Australia since this law was introduced? How many in America since 1997? Its a cultural thing - I love shooting guns, I used to own guns. Now I don't and my life is no better or worse for it.