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  1. ColoSR

    Marine Vinyl Cleaner?

    Thanks all!
  2. ColoSR

    Marine Vinyl Cleaner?

    All, do you have any preferred marine vinyl cleaners? I am looking to get rid of some typical grease and grime not specific stains. I tried searching and most everything was from a decade ago so some products are no longer available.
  3. ColoSR

    Anchor Storage Fitment - 2005 185

    I got a box anchor for my 220. It folds up so it fits great in the anchor storage area and doesn’t need much line to hold tight.
  4. ColoSR

    Can you Tube off a SDX290?

    They sell tube harnesses for pontoon boats. you should have some tie down points on the rear corners...
  5. ColoSR

    Replacement EIM Systems 185BR-340DA

    I bought one for my 2003 Sundeck 220. Super happy with the purchase, no more worries about the EIM breaking.
  6. ColoSR

    240 Sundeck Radio Upgrade Suggestions

    The ant remotes sit in a stick on bracket, you can take them off and walk around the boat. Mine get carried around and put in cup holders. Personal opinion, I don’t think the bracket is robust enough to mount on the swim deck
  7. ColoSR

    Yeah another radio thread -- Stereo Upgrade

    ANT remotes are brilliant. Volume up&down, stop, rewind, and fast forward. They are the epitome of KISS. They are the only thing on the boat that always works:)
  8. ColoSR

    Yeah another radio thread -- Stereo Upgrade

    If you want to stay simple, the little fusion ra70NSX interfaces with both NMEA2000 and XM plus it works with the ANT remotes. I ended up getting 3 remotes for my Sundeck. Nothing fancy, it just works
  9. ColoSR

    Absolutely frustrated with this Mercruiser engine

    This guy on Amazon said that the mechanical pump was the helper, the main efi pump is in a canister in the vapor separator tank.
  10. ColoSR

    Absolutely frustrated with this Mercruiser engine

    My 6.2l MPI has two fuel pumps, a helper pump for vapor lock and the main electric fuel pump in the cool fuel 2 unit. The main pump failed so I couldn’t get over 2000 rpm under load. Do you have 2 pumps by chance?
  11. ColoSR

    240 Sundeck sport tower, wakeboard tower?

    I just have the LED light, I was worried that if I put speakers up there they would disappear at the storage lot. for the light I used a little connector from Amazon.
  12. ColoSR

    Engine won’t exceed 2000 RPM’s under load

    I had a similar problem on mine, we did everything you did. It turned out that the distributor had jumped a tooth. It’s not supposed to be adjustable so we never figured out how it happened. Got it reset, works great now.
  13. ColoSR

    240 Sundeck Radio Upgrade Suggestions

    I’ll try to take some photos this weekend. The sound quality didn’t change, but the system is rock solid now. No fiddling to try and reconnect the Bluetooth and streaming is never choppy.
  14. ColoSR

    FNG in Kansas

    Great choice, we love our 220 SD. Welcome to the site!
  15. ColoSR

    2 beep alarm boat will not start

    If you can’t get a hold of a Merc IAC valve, the Standard Auto AC423 model fits. You can pick those up from the auto parts store. Lots of YouTube videos of Merc 5.0l IAC replacement. Is a pretty simple job. The ac423 comes with the wrong gasket, so you need to get some silicone rtv when you...
  16. ColoSR

    Transducer upgrade

    Can you take a picture of what your existing transducer looks like? My 2003 220 has a 2” transducer hole. Garmin’s p19 transducer fits, but it only does depth and temp so it might not be enough if that is a fish finder
  17. ColoSR

    Fuel Pump or Vapor Lock?

    My 2003 Sundeck was having similar problems, vapor locking and the main pump would drop out intermittently. I have the vapor lock helper pump so it still could run up to about 2800rpm. replacing the CF2 fixed the problem. I had to replace the smaller fuel filter as well because the fuel...
  18. ColoSR

    Lowrance 3500 replacement on 1997 searay 210

    The Hawkeye thru hull fitting is for 0-7 degree dead rise boats. Yours is likely a 21 degree dead rise. Garmin and Humminbird have the right angle thru hulls.
  19. ColoSR

    03 220 sundeck swim platform ladder replacement.

    We love ours too, always get compliments on looks and how well laid out it is. For the spider cracks, you can call/email Sea Ray with your Hull Identification Number (HIN) and they will give you your gelcoat color. Once you have that, a company called Spectrum Color and they can send you a...
  20. ColoSR

    replace clarion xmd3

    I had a similar problem, I ended up running a wire to red and yellow from the fuse block under the dash. Never did figure out why it didn’t work. That gave me a good reason to add an isolated house block