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  1. GoFastr

    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    Morning all, I was out fishing earlier in the week and was deep water fishing with my engine idling. (270 SD with 6.2L & B3 drive) Just after I pulled up my line on the electric reel my engine died. I tried to crank it up and it would spin over just fine but wouldn't catch to start. I then...
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    Even Newer CSR Members Map

    Check post #83 for new app.
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    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    Yep, thats my boat in my avatar and it has the wayersports tower with a zippered 2 piece bimini which is very small. I'm thinking of trying a DIY style extension for the stern that can slide away up underneath the bimini when not extended so it won't flop around when going fast.
  4. GoFastr

    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers I found the site above that can do custom stuff for any application it seems but I really wish there was a more cost effective simple retractable way to extend shade both to the bow or stern when you are anchored or not moving very fast as I doubt...
  5. GoFastr

    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    Ok, got this done as it was a breeze. My mind was over complicating things as I didn't notice the quick disconnect was a one way valve too. I ended up just installing it according tot he instructions where I have to open the engine cover each time because the quick disconnect is attached to the...
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    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    Oh ok, thanks. I guess it is like those quick connect/disconnect fittings then as I couldn't really tell from the photo. Once it arrives, I will see how it all works. Thanks again.
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    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    Best of the New Year to everyone.... I just purchased an OEM Quicksilver/Mercury flush kit part# 898235A01 for my boat so that I can flush the engine with fresh water once I return to the dock as I don't have a closed cooling system. As I understand it I find the inlet hose coming from the...
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    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    Amazon has it too. King Starboard.
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    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    If the hard bottom piece is what is cracked then I would find some starboard from any marine shop. This is usually what the upholstery is stapled to on the bottom of the cushion part. Mine cracked when someone stood on it and I had to replace mine too. It may make it a little heavier to pick up...
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    The story behind your boat's name

    Cool Runnings....cause I live in the islands mon!
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    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    Where do you run the new larger wires for a 6 channel amp from vanity to port side batteries in stern? Is there access in the port gunnel or under the floor? What is the best route?
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    About to buy a 2020 Sea Ray I making a mistake?

    Buy the bigger 21' boat, you won't be sorry. I love that saying on here...Buy your 2nd boat 1st!" I got a great deal on a small SD first and thought, ok this is good it can hold 8-10 people comfortably. Which it could sitting at the dock or hanging with other friends rafting up. I could only go...
  13. GoFastr

    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    Yeah thanks, it might be easier but I'm afraid of water getting in there as I trailer my boat but wash it down heavily after each use and then it sits outside to dry for a couple days before the covers go on when not in use. I wipe out the head area by hand only.
  14. GoFastr

    Automatic Fenders

    :) :) :) :) LOL LOL! I am just getting around to reading this and now I can't even see my screen anymore! I was eating lunch and had a mouth full of my grilled cheese and tomato soup and just lost it all over my PC screen laughing so hard! Thanks all, love the humor, you are a real blessing in...
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    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    Sounds great. Do you have a picture of how you mounted the amps inside the head vanity? I'm aiming to do a similar setup. Thanks.
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    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    Is it possible to share the cost of the labour to install that swim platform? Thanks.
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    270 Sundeck Thread - Questions & Answers

    I have the Mercruiser remanufactured 383 in my 2003 270SD and I run at 47 mph and 4800 RPM with my new Hill Marine B3 four blade polished SS 20" pitch props. With OEM props I was at 43 mph and 4400 RPM. No paint on the bottom as it is a trailered boat.
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    Electronic interface module

    Would this work for your boat??
  19. GoFastr

    Mercury Smartcraft

    If you have the SC1000 Systems Monitor display unit like the one in the picture below, try to do a Master Reset to see if that will clear up the fluctuation issue. You just have to push a series of buttons so it is very easy to do before taking it into a shop. I also posted a page from my owners...
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    270 Sundeck - junction box for smart craft gauges

    Yes I have one in my starter kit to use for the NMEA 2000 gateway install next. Have to figure out where and how to mount the Garmin 840xs as it is too big for the space I initially thought I could put it. Once installed I can use the gateway to display the egine data to it and also the stereo...