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  1. Jmac572

    Engine hatch needs help to open

    Saw that, wasn't sure if you had a part number though. Thank you.
  2. Jmac572

    Communication issues with 8.1’s

    What's the output on your alternators? Possibly one was going bad in April and now they are both going bad? Just a thought because I know they can be finnicky with low voltage
  3. Jmac572

    Engine hatch needs help to open

    Do you have a website or part number for the actuators you replaced yours with? Mine are getting slow and want to just get them over with.
  4. Jmac572

    Fusion Head Unit, iPhone Question…

    I suffered the same crap with my 770... That was why I didn't bother upgrading my Fusion 650 in my new boat to the 770. It was just a pain in the a$$ to get all the boats connected so we didn't even mess with it. Fusion needs to simplify the process.
  5. Jmac572

    Fusion Head Unit, iPhone Question…

    It's just the lack of capability of bluetooth currently. It may get better with newer versions of bluetooth but currently the tech and range isn't there. WiFi allows far greater quality and range, also allowing multiple devices to connect. The 770 has its own WiFi router built in so you are good...
  6. Jmac572

    Fusion Head Unit, iPhone Question…

    I've used the party bus feature with my last boat connecting to a friend's boat. It's not very simple and I think a lot of people are going to find it's not worth the headache, Fusion needs to simplify it. It is GREAT technology and once you get multiple boats connected it IS awesome, but they...
  7. Jmac572

    8.1 ho Fuel consumption

    You can get a VesselView link or mobile link added to your boat, the computer will use the GPS speed and the fuel flow rate to give you an accurate MPG, I get about .55-.6 mpg (statute miles) on my 2004 390 Sundancer. I cruise at about 3800 rpm and moving about 25 mph. Just of note... I don't...
  8. Jmac572

    93 370 sundancer with high hours

    Assuming you are trying to get more serviceable years out of those engines then you would actually prefer to see those hours rather than, say, 500 hours. With low hours on motors that old you are asking for corrosion and deteriorated seals, etc. from lack of use. The boat must be priced right...
  9. Jmac572

    Crimpers for 12v

    To each their own I guess.... That's just crazy to me. But if you use them to earn a living then that's a different story for sure.
  10. Jmac572

    Crimpers for 12v

    Hahaha, im not running an automotive business. I buy tools at lowes and harborfrieght. Not spending $80 on crimpers. Had these for three years they work great.
  11. Jmac572

    Crimpers for 12v I bought these at Lowes and cannot stress how good they are. You shouldn't use the combined stripper/crimper tools, they are too thin and narrow and you don't get enough leverage to make good crimps. This tool from Lowes is...
  12. Jmac572

    v-drive vibration

    What did they get you for that job $$$? It's strange to me because the vibration smooths out on plane, seems like if the props/shafts were out of balance or alignment the vibration would get worse, not smooth out.
  13. Jmac572

    v-drive vibration

    Thank you, yea we just launched for the season in early June and the problem occurred right away same day. The cutlass bearings were solid and props/shafts clean. I'll have the marina check the alignment, ty.
  14. Jmac572

    Head Unit Recommendation

    No worries at all... I am a tech-savy guy and I found the 770 to be VERY difficult to get set up and working how I wanted it so I am hesitant to recommend that to you anyways... (Also the Funsion 770 is actually $700 so thats likely even more of a turnoff to you haha). If you are already happy...
  15. Jmac572

    Skyhook issue

    First generation Axius is troublesome. If you have tried deenergizing all of the batteries and restarting the engines then there may be a hardware failure in the heading compass or wheel position sensor. Some things to try.... Check for corrosion and reseat the connections to the compass and...
  16. Jmac572

    v-drive vibration

    Ty, the engine and v-drive mounts are secure and torqued to spec
  17. Jmac572

    Head Unit Recommendation

    I think you'll find that Fusion are the leaders for head units, while there are plenty of better options for speakers and amplifiers. The RA770 builds its own WiFi network and you simply connect to it as you would wifi in your home, in fact your iphone will automatically connect to it when the...
  18. Jmac572


    Having V-drives makes your situation easier. If you had I/O's with Axius that system requires serious voltage for each engine... Your setup should be two banks of two group 27 or 31 deep cycle or dual purpose batteries, but Group 31 deep cycle's would be preferred, especially if you spend a lot...
  19. Jmac572

    Official 390DA Thread

    Sounds like it was a hack wiring job. I would re-wire those underwater lights to a switch at the helm with proper sized wire. The hot wire for the four cockpit lights is likely not enough gauge to accommodate the underwater lights as well. The prior owner hacked the 3-way wiring and cut out the...
  20. Jmac572

    A/C sea strainer

    On the 390 Sundancer it is in the engine bay center in the bilge between the two main stringers just aft of the forward bulkhead. You will see the water lines going into the A/C water pump attached to the bulkhead below the 12v electrical switch panel. Goes without saying, but make sure you...