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  1. juggernaut1

    What keeps you alive and (mostly) well?

    No doubt boating is a healthy lifestyle, but just doesn’t work with our busy lives right now.
  2. juggernaut1

    48 DA Owners Club

    In May 2020 I had an offer on an interstate 2008 515 for AUD485K, but the COVID restrictions meant I had to quarantine for a total of 4 weeks, so I let it go. As history shows the prices have gone through the roof. Plenty of other boats I’d rather have at the current prices. Your 48’s are...
  3. juggernaut1

    48 DA Owners Club

    Here’s a couple for sale in Australia at the moment…..crazy prices.
  4. juggernaut1

    What keeps you alive and (mostly) well?

    I’d probably get a second opinion :p
  5. juggernaut1

    Sold My SeaRay 38DA

    Glad to hear you got something out of my posts :) We were in a somewhat similar situation to you in that we had no contract and the deal was done on a handshake with no remorse if neither of us wanted to complete the deal. We were also able to sell the boat for more than we paid nearly 7 years...
  6. juggernaut1

    Sold My SeaRay 38DA

    Lol, haven’t you spent the last two years trying to buy one :p
  7. juggernaut1

    Sold My SeaRay 38DA

    Thanks guys. Yep might be a struggle to remain boatless for 3 years and will definitely be shafts. I don’t think Maritimo build pod boats anyway as they claim their shaft boats are just as efficient. Possibly a little underpowered compared to the Rivs of the same size but I guess you make up...
  8. juggernaut1

    Sold My SeaRay 38DA

    Hi all, Just thought I would make it official that I have sold my 38. First off it was a very difficult decision to have made as we loved the boat, the lifestyle and especially the friends we made at our marina. The memories we made were priceless and being our first boat it was a hell of a...
  9. juggernaut1

    Mystery near transom door

    Hi Pat, Glad to hear my posts were useful to yourself and hopefully others too. My next improvements were going o be Veem props and a watermaker. Obviously they won’t happen as we sold our boat to an older couple on our jetty at the end of our summer holidays. I don’t have another boat, or are...
  10. juggernaut1

    Raymarine Transducer Install on 370 DA

    Shouldn’t be any interference if running on different frequencies. Also is there any tilt on the Raymarine transducer as it would need to be zero degree tilt if you want to instal it in the centre of the boat to be accurate.
  11. juggernaut1

    Vent window seal

    Its most likely Taylor Made part 8350570 in the below link. I just replaced mine with this part before recently selling my boat.
  12. juggernaut1

    Loud Transmission Knocking Noise

    It’s a hot market here. I recently sold my boat in the same place as Stylish Imports was buying. Sold it in 15 minutes and no haggling on the price. Didn’t even get a chance to list it with a broker or advertise online. Inspection one day, received the funds the next, cleared out the boat...
  13. juggernaut1

    Mystery near transom door

    Until recently I had the same boat. Yep it’s the cockpit courtesy light switch but missing the cover as mentioned above.
  14. juggernaut1

    Mercury 8.2l Horizon ECF Overtemp Alarm

    I would also internally check the wet exhaust hoses on the problem motor. Mine internally blistered when I had a clamp fail and sea water hose blew off. Didn’t know until I changed out the manifolds years later. They don’t like being run without water for too long.
  15. juggernaut1

    Official 380 Thread

    Its probably a Taylor Made gasket, it was on my 2006 38. Can’t help you with the part number on your year 380.
  16. juggernaut1

    Sun Shade

    I did something similar on my 38 using Stamoid in a locking track for a clean look. I have sunbrella side and rear curtains which were removed in the pic.
  17. juggernaut1

    Stainless steel coolant drain plugs

    Yes I switched mine on my cool fuel modules and installed them using Duralac. The blue plugs were weeping causing corrosion on the cool fuel module housing around the plug threads. Tried to tighten them but they snapped off.
  18. juggernaut1

    Official 2003.5-2008 340 Sundancer Thread

    I use prop speed on my shafts, props, rudders, exhausts and tabs. I’m a fan of it because any growth wipes off with a microfibre cloth or your hand. Worth it…..depends on your perspective of value. In response to your earlier post, my experience is you will also see 5 years from your exhaust...
  19. juggernaut1

    Battery chargers

    I have virtually the same boat. Upgraded to 1250P with appropriate breakers and wiring upgrades from the original 40 amp charger. Use a Bluetooth battery monitor per bank to mobile for battery condition.