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  1. SeasNT

    Snakes on board!

    This is a common sight around the marina until mid summer. Mothballs seem to deter, if you can stand the smell. We've had at least one in the salon, found some shed skin on the floor. Never did find the snake. A neighbor found one in the head medicine cabinet. Almost had the sell the boat. We're...
  2. SeasNT

    PIB - Lake Erie

    Well, it is April 1st
  3. SeasNT

    460 DA Owners Thread

    Do you have AIS "in" on the new VHF? If not, maybe a second VHF with that feature showing on your MFD. You could see commercial traffic around the bend and know which they were traveling.
  4. SeasNT

    Buying and selling private

    I bit trite, but you check out anytime you like but you can never leave! I'm surprised by that marina. I'd expect it at your last one.
  5. SeasNT

    420/44 DB Owners Club

    I found our canvas patterns under the outer guest bunk. They did not include the forward and aft top sections. Anyone have those?
  6. SeasNT

    Cost to install Koehler/Westerbeke Generator on Sea Ray 280/290

    I was thinking the same thing. Also, Victron is making some interesting DC to DC chargers. The "house" bank could be charged from the alternator while underway. Fun to sit here and spend others peoples $$$
  7. SeasNT

    420/44 DB Owners Club

    I could not decide where to mount a second VHF at the helm so placed it underneath the dash and used a remote mic to the left. That way the admiral can easily use it too. Went with a S/H 2400 for the AIS in. Tried to route the VHF nema 2000 AIS data into the E120's with the Raymarine nema...
  8. SeasNT

    Trying something new

    Time to go purchase a lottery ticket, what are the chances that we're at Lexington on the same day last year? I was scanning your video from Lexington and our boat is down off to your port toward the fuel dock. We were coming from Put-in-Bay 10 days earlier. We had been north to Bayfield, Ont...
  9. SeasNT

    Trying something new

    Enjoyed your post and the videos, you're much more ambitious than myself. Others have provided some great suggestions. Spoken audio is hard and can quickly sink (pun intended) a decent video project. If you don't want to invest in a directional microphone try to limit recording voices in noisy...
  10. SeasNT

    Be Aware My Friends

    Received my "final notice" today. The service is legal but costs more. The funny thing is, I already have my certificate for this year. Used the USCG website, this time of year takes less than ten days to receive it in the mail. Notice the URL's on the notice. The official USCG sites end with .mil
  11. SeasNT

    Sea ray 240 VHF replacement coil cable

    I occasionally see overpriced ones on ebay
  12. SeasNT

    Downlight wiring - radar arch

    Looks great, love the red horn switch. Never understood why some OEM's use black for the horn.
  13. SeasNT

    Generating trouble with Stray Current

    They claim it worked using Jet A, but EPA might frown on its use these days.
  14. SeasNT

    Generating trouble with Stray Current

    Fascinating conversation, you folks are far above my pay grade. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on topics that I think about. TTMOTT, you mentioned your residential diesel genset. How do you keep the fuel from getting stale? I have a TV helicopter pilot friend that talked the chief engineer...
  15. SeasNT

    Helm chairs

    Just curious. What did you replace with? Pictures?
  16. SeasNT

    2007 44DB microwave

    On ours, the fridge must be removed
  17. SeasNT

    Official 390DA Thread

    We outgrew a 21' FourWinns after 13 years. Owned a 390 Sundancer for 6 years and loved it, but wanted to travel more with greater range and a bit more rainy day space. Have had a 44DB for 8 years. Love the interior space and Cummins power. You might consider a 44 or 48 Dancer. The Dancer aft...
  18. SeasNT

    PIB - Lake Erie

    Everyone was lucky that night. Light south wind, so you may have been just far enough away. Several years ago a couple died on our pier during the day. Had worked on the genset and ran it all afternoon at the dock. Exhaust leaked into the cabin. CO is a nasty gas. Wonderful to meet you as well...
  19. SeasNT

    4th July trip

    How is Scudder's these days? Last time we were up there the lake grass was pretty bad. But not as bad as Lexington,MI last week. Great marina and town but wow, felt like we were in an expensive lawn mower.
  20. SeasNT

    Clevelanders remember any this!

    Hey, cool it with the boom booms!