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  1. JT1724

    New Guy Here

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Photos coming soon I promise. I’m still cleaning her up. Thanks for the link Jim. I’ve taken 2 maiden voyages around SF bay. It seams I’ll Need to install the isinglass above the windshield due to wind and splash and fix the vacuflush (leaking duck bilge...
  2. JT1724

    Long time Lurker

    Nice Ride! Question. Is that the factory original steering wheel? I’d like to update mine to the post 2012 style.
  3. JT1724

    New Guy Here

    Hi everyone! J here just moved up from 30 foot sail boat to 2006 40 DA. Excited about my low price low hour (260) Cummins QSB diesels and like new interior. I’ve been detailing the neglected cockpit and deck. It’s getting there. It had new batteries and bottom paint. Now I’m having the oil...
  4. JT1724

    acclimating to the power boat

    acclimating to the power boat