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    As mentioned above spectrum at Call them regarding a repair kit. They also have good videos on youtube on how to. Even if the color is slightly off you will not see it after a season. Best of luck
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    Bottom paint

    Yes, different materials need different paints. You can not put your standard paint on an outdrive or within an inch or so of the drive. I used petite zinc spray on the metal (except outdrive) rudder / shafts / trim tabs but the tabs where steel.
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    I think either way for your situation you will be fine. If they have lasted 4 years and lasted good, I would use the same. A new charger that takes into account the battery type and charging cycle for each is also a good idea. My only caveat is that I would swap one bank now and the other at the...
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    In total how many batteries do you have? How long have they lived on the boat? I think you would be fine with deep cycle batteries for your house. Normally dual purpose / starting batteries are for the engines batteries (they can support high amperage for cranking for a short bit). If you have...
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    removing painted letters on my boat

    Try the following: PS I used them for my lettering, it was as promised. Best of luck Whoops didn't see your response till now
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    Westerbeke 4.5kw low voltage

    Wow, I guess one of them was misfiring, are you getting 60 hertz? Regarding the wiring my best guess is something is loose for it to stop working remotely.
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    Westerbeke 4.5kw low voltage

    Is plugs = spark plugs or capacitors? 110 under load or no load? The voltage will drop a little with load, that is normal. Mine without load is 120-124 volts. Under heavy load / the AC on it runs about 116-117 volts. Something similar when I am on shore power. So as long as things are running...
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    Bilge b dry

    3 pick ups with one pumping unit, one for the center bilge and 1 for both compartments around the rudders. It does work quite well but is slow. I bought it for convenience. I looked at pumps and figured it would be at least 100-150 for parts plus the timing circuit but at least a few hours (and...
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    Bilge b dry I purchased it last year, have it about 6 months. It does work but pumps out slowly. If you allow it to run a few minutes a couple of times daily it does do the trick. Best of luck
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    Snakes on board!

    No he just needs Samuel L Jackson...maybe he just does planes though
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    swim platform

    Penetrating epoxy would be another alternative but you would have to do that hole pattern RWS did on his boat from the top and then figure out how to cover it.
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    So this followed me home.

    congrats on your purchase
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    $ bottom paint

    You are right it is not, bigger pisser is finding a yard that will let you do your own painting.
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    Does anyone with at 2018 or 2019 Sea Ray L550 Flybridge interested in selling their boat? Hopefully without it listed with a broker....

    That wouldn't be a little fee, most around here charge 10%. That would be over 100K on a boat over 1 million dollars which this boat would be worth.
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    Westerbeke 4.5kw low voltage

    Coolant- whatever the maintenance book says, I think for mine it doesn't specify so I use the 5 year pink stuff from mercury that I use for the engines. With regards to the capacitor, I bought the original set through westerbeke, the part numbers are on the side and you can then purchase them...
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    Westerbeke 4.5kw low voltage

    I have had similar issue and it was the capacitor. What year and model is the generator? At 40 hours doesn't sound like it came with the boat. 1. Westerbeke has on their website somewhere a guide to diagnosing electrical repairs. On this issue if I remember correctly it will be either bad...
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    Portable battery bank - Are they becoming a real option now

    I betcha you could skip the V-Drive and attach them right to the drive shaft. Now you just gotta get Elon to give you the manual to run the motor plus a battery pack...
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    Portable battery bank - Are they becoming a real option now

    Greenline looks promising but my only complaint is to many parts. No matter what else I might think of him as Elon would say "The best part is no part". One big genny with battery pack and two electric motors. Less things for me to fix :) With our current government and seeing the new EPA rules...
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    Portable battery bank - Are they becoming a real option now

    Slightly different setup (350 Coupe) but figure your AC electric is going to be about 13-15 amps with one zone of AC (16KBTU with the compressor running alot if you are in the TX heat!) plus fridge. That would be 15 amps x 120 Volts x 12 hours about 22KWH. You can't run these batteries to zero...
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    Corinthian Aquaweave question

    All I can think of is KHANN!!! but then I probably qualify as a nerd