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  1. bfernald0

    340 Reversion/Inversion Resolve - Did it work?

    Here are the service bulletins. I took out the log system and installed waterlift mufflers on my 340 when I repowered from 7.4s to 8.2s.
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    Underwater exhaust loose 2001 Sundancer 340

    I agree with ttmott in terms of what should be done here, with the addition (and I suspect ttmott would agree here as well) that you really at this point want to drill out the 4 bolt holes, fill them with epoxy and redrill. This era 340 does not have a cored hull, so it should be solid glass...
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    Underwater exhaust loose 2001 Sundancer 340

    Owned mine since 19. Replaced just about everything at this point
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    Underwater exhaust loose 2001 Sundancer 340

    Here re the rest of the pics.
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    Underwater exhaust loose 2001 Sundancer 340

    Repair pics
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    Underwater exhaust loose 2001 Sundancer 340

    I have a thread on this. A prefab exhaust tube is glassed perpendicular into the hull and the underwater exhaust port is through bolted on the outside of the hull. I had water and exhaust leaking in between the outside of the tube and the hull and then running down the engine stringers and into...
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    The magnets are bolted to the panels. The victron solar charger is behind the insert to the right of the helm seat
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    Newbie - pods are scary?

    The IPS drives are more prevalent and have a larger network of servicers, but they have their downsides as well. As an example, the IPS circulates drive oil through the drive AND transmission. You take on water through the drive, and it takes out drive and transmission. The Zeus pods have...
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    Newbie - pods are scary?

    Pods are like a 5 year old European sports sedan with an 8 cylinder twin turbo, with 60,000 miles on it. When they work, they are an absolute joy to drive, but they require at least twice the maintenance of a regular car, and when they break it can get expensive quickly. An example. I own a...
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    Water Heater - Add an Anode ? ? ?

    You remove the drain valve and replace it with and anode
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    Mercruiser Drain Plug Tool!

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    Fresh Water Fittings

    It's 15 mm on the 340s from that era.
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    Trim tab indicator

    I've done this and the folks on here are correct. You have to buy the sensor kit and to install that, haul the boat, etc. Buy this: Replaces the switches at the helm. Run the setup procedure and you'll have both tab position and auto tab functionality. It's...
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    Transmission trouble

    I should add that another cause of the clutch pack locking up is water in the transmission fluid so check for that as well. Given the age of your boat, unless you've had the transmission coolers done previously, if you're going to replace the transmission, the oil cooler should be replaced as...
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    Transmission trouble

    Yes. If it's stuck in gear, your clutch discs are warped to the point that they cannot separate and the transmission will not go into neutral. Have the trannie oil tested by Blackstone. It will in all likelihood be full of the material making up the clutch discs, which if I recall correctly...
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    Filled out a request form!
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    Rocky buildup in exhaust manifold?

    Did you ever do the measurements called for in the install manual to see whether everything was sufficiently above the water line with the correct down angles?
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    Rocky buildup in exhaust manifold?

    Going to have to pull the heads on that engine and have them redone.
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    Automatic trim tab control

    I've used the Bennet product and currently have the mente marine. Mente marine is hands down the way to go. Easy to install, intuitive and it works. Had a buddy installe mente on a 51 Prestige. Worked like a charm even on the larger boat.
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    Look at these 8.1 440HP rebuilds...

    454 Mags. No doubt about it. How do you expect to get top dollar for a boat when you don't even know what's on it?! First boat was a 2800 SCR with a single 7.4 and B3 out drive. Great starter Boat.