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  1. dev6315

    Canvas shop recommendations around Central PA

    Kevin. Thanks for the reply and link. I will get some information sent over this evening.
  2. dev6315

    Canvas shop recommendations around Central PA

    Happy Thanksgiving. Looking for some recommendations on a canvas shop to have a custom mooring or bow/cockpit covers made on a 2005 Sundeck 240. Would like something that will work with my bimini in the slip. Close to Central PA Harrisburg / Lancaster areas but will drive for a good...
  3. dev6315

    Recommended Dealer / Mechanic for Sundeck repower. Greater Central /East PA

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I will be reaching out. Hopefully I can get a few days to break in the new boat this season. Thanks again.
  4. dev6315

    Recommended Dealer / Mechanic for Sundeck repower. Greater Central /East PA

    Good morning. Need a recommendation on a reputable dealer or mechanic in the central pa area. I will drive for a good place that will do the job right and communicate. Long story short, just purchased a new to us 2005 Sea Ray Sundeck 240. It was previously used at times in saltwater and...
  5. dev6315

    Hot Bennett pump

    Good afternoon. Haven't posted in a few years, but just bought a new to us 2005 Searay Sundeck 240, so back to the Searay family after years with a FourWinns. This afternoon I replaced my dash panels with new units from FP Marine. I needed to disconnect the trim tab switches from the back...
  6. dev6315

    I need a boat day!

    I know what you are saying. Life is good on the water!!!!!!! I hope you get out soon.
  7. dev6315

    Team USA and Alcatraz

    Very cool picture. Not sure if anyone here follows Top Gear UK but the USA team had one of their vessels in a race against a car on the new episode last night. Those boats are incredible. Fully carbon fiber and the fixed sail is bigger than a 747 I think they said, I could be wrong, but very...
  8. dev6315

    FOR SALE - CAMPER BACK for 25 ft sundancer 8 ft beam

    If jobofly doesn't take it, please shoot me some details. Thanks!
  9. dev6315

    Keep Tabman in your thoughts

    Link provided in the above post works perfect. It is a nicely laid out site that makes donating very simple. Here is for a quick recovery to great guy that would do anything to lend a hand to someone else.
  10. dev6315

    Engine alignment tool

    +1 on the eBay kit. The alignment tool and all the adapters work great. Good to have for sure.
  11. dev6315

    Water pressure pump replacement.

    Thanks for the info. Are you happy with the pressure? Noise issues? Thanks again.
  12. dev6315

    Alpha trim ram frozen

    I will check my SELOC manual for you later when I can get to the shop but I believe there is a write up on servicing these. I would think parts should be readily available as they are very common. At the least, it is a hydraulic ram, worst case you could take it to a hydro shop that deals with...
  13. dev6315

    Anchor light

    +1 on the LED upgrade. What an improvement. WM carries them in stock, just picked one up myself. They do also have an assortment of replacement lenses.
  14. dev6315

    Water pressure pump replacement.

    Good morning all. I am planning on replacing my existing PAR-Mate water pressure pump due to excessive noise when running and at idle and very low pressure. I could rebuilt but decided to just upgrade to a new unit and replace all fittings. My current model has a 2.5 GPM rating. I have no...
  15. dev6315

    Taking 68 Pershing up the coast to CT

    I'm jealous. Have an exciting and safe trip. Take lots of pics for us!
  16. dev6315

    1990 310 parts boat from sandy

    I know there was interest in the spotlight and control. If it isn't sold, I am interested. Please let me know. Thanks.
  17. dev6315

    2013 Chesapeake Bay Gathering?

    Sounds like a great idea. We would love to join in. I would put in at Sandy Point as well and will be trailering from Central Pa.
  18. dev6315

    Can't get middle or forward bilge pump to cut on!

    I may be wrong, so don't hold me to this, but I believe they are operated via water level switches. Meaning, there is an arm close to the bilge pump that when water reaches a certain level, the arm raises and triggers the pump to cycle. It should be an automatic process. I would start checking...
  19. dev6315

    A new shipmate to the Alaskan Sea-Duction Crew

    Big congrats to you and the family!!!!!!!!!!
  20. dev6315

    I have an idea, lets see if we can make it work?! Small Sandy relief.

    As of right now, I didn't hear back from the Chief of police. I don't want to call and bother him again as im sure he and the entire department has their hands more than full. At this point, all I really need to pull the trigger is a good place to gather. Spikeitaudi, I am happy to come up...