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  1. Snapon24

    Mercruiser 7.4L MPI Horizon distributor timing

    Yes its definitely on compression stroke. Ill try wiring it according to your last post. Thanks
  2. Snapon24

    Mercruiser 7.4L MPI Horizon distributor timing

    Engine didnt start with just picking a post to start and wiring it clockwise 18436572. Anybody know the correct procedure to static time a big block distributor if nothing was marked upon disassembly? Where does the rotor point when the engine is at TDC compression? Thanks
  3. Snapon24

    Seacock mfr

    The ones that were on my 340 were the old rubber plug style with the T-handle. They were Groco.
  4. Snapon24

    Mercruiser 7.4L MPI Horizon distributor timing

    After talking to a few other people it seems it doesnt matter where #1 is. Just put the distributor in at #1 TDC compression and wherever the rotor points, make that #1 and continue wiring it clockwise in the firing order. Thanks
  5. Snapon24

    Mercruiser 7.4L MPI Horizon distributor timing

    Thanks. Yes I know that part but he doesnt have the old wires or dist cap so I need to know which post is #1 on the distributor cap.
  6. Snapon24

    Mercruiser 7.4L MPI Horizon distributor timing

    Im helping a friend put his engines back together after doing the heads but he never marked the distributors when he took them out. I have the engines at #1 TDC on compression stroke but there are no numbers on the distributor caps so I need to know what position the rotor should be pointing for...
  7. Snapon24

    460 Express Cruiser (1985-1989) Discussion Area

    @SKybolt Thanks for the info. I figured that about those high hp models. Like anything else the more fuel you put to it, the shorter the life. Id prefer Cats but it seems like the 375hp 3208s would be way underpowered in this boat. I havent gotten inside to see and inspect the condition of the...
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    460 Express Cruiser (1985-1989) Discussion Area

    Hi theres an 88 460EC with 550hp 6V92s for sale near me. It needs some work as its been sitting for a few years but it has 1 recently rebuilt engine. Are genuine Detroit parts still available for these or everything is aftermarket? Also what else to look for like common leaks, rot, etc. I have...
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    How about a stupid boater thread?

    Its not a thread on here but checkout @thequalifiedcaptain on instagram. lots of good stuff on there
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    The big old 80's 340 owners thread

    Thank you for the replies. I like the USB port in the side
  11. Snapon24

    The big old 80's 340 owners thread

    Does anyone have any pics of upgraded cabin lights/reading lights? Im changing the 4 in my cabin to LED but im just undecided on which style I want. Also replacing the rear half of the headliner. Trying to decide on a color for that. 88 340EC. Post pics of what you did. Thanks!
  12. Snapon24

    1988 34 ft Sea Ray cruiser

    Turn it on and get a multimeter and check the battery voltage at the battery terminals. Should be around 13V-14.5V with no load on the batterys. 12.5V or less if its not working.
  13. Snapon24

    Water leak

    Check water tank. Maybe leaking into that compartment? I just replaced the water tank for the 2nd time on my 88 340EC
  14. Snapon24

    Taylor made hatch parts for 88 340EC

    Does anyone know where to get hatch handles, support rods and seals for the Taylor made hatches that came with the 340s? Taylor made says they're no longer available. Is there an aftermarket for these parts? I can only find the parts for the newer TM hatches. Thanks
  15. Snapon24

    1988 Hatches?

    The factory hatches on my 88 340 are Taylor Made. Not sure if yours are too. I have the same problem, I think Taylor still makes them.
  16. Snapon24

    Is this the through hull transducer?

    Thats the plug for the thru hull
  17. Snapon24

    Westerbeke Gas Generator Alternate Parts Sources

    6.5 BCG The engine is a 3 cylinder, the same engine that was in a 1986 Chevy Sprint. Engine parts can be purchased from for a fraction of the price of Westerbeke.
  18. Snapon24

    Check your raw seawater hoses!

    Mine looked exactly the same, collapsed in the middle. I replaced all of them 2 years ago when I purchased my boat.
  19. Snapon24

    Side panel material ???

    I replaced a few panels on the old Wellcraft I used to have and I used 1/2" and 3/4" sheets of Versatex PVC board. Lighter than starboard and probably cheaper too. It wasn't structural so Starboard seemed a bit overkill.
  20. Snapon24

    88 340 EC water tank replacement

    Ok. The way mine is mounted theres no way to plumb anything from the bottom. Thanks