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  1. bigcrunch

    water filling up mid birth bilge

    Next time a heavy rain comes sit in the boat with a flash light.
  2. bigcrunch

    How to get access to these items on a 268 sundancer

    I am working on re-bedding some HW items, a couple of pieces not sure of how to remove the drain in the cabin access steps (I have an idea but before I rip a panel off I want to ask) and the windshield. Also the front hatch looks like it has been sealed previously (aftermarket sealant squeezed...
  3. bigcrunch

    Previous owner recommended much lower trailer tire pressure....???

    It it maybe a good idea what some engineer calculated and had the mold transfer to the tire.
  4. bigcrunch

    Teak wood finish

    Hi, time for me to refinish the exterior wood, what have you guys\gals used that lasted a very long time and durable?
  5. bigcrunch

    Car Port truss source

    Anyone know a source for these quickie put up carport trusses? they are 3x3" I think or close to it, I don't want a whole kit I'll make my own legs. Prefer Georgia area. thanks,
  6. bigcrunch

    1988 268 Sundancer - rain water issues

    Look at the drain hoses under rear of engine hatch drains and the rub rail if there is a gap on top water can get in thru the rivet holes.
  7. bigcrunch

    Northwest passage

    So it came up during lunch time conversation that enough ice melts in the summer time to be able to traverse from eastern Canada to Alaska via the mouth of Hudson Bay and Beaufort Sea and rest of the channels. It became very heated topic I just sat back and thought no way enough hair spray was...
  8. bigcrunch

    Weight of a F600

    Hi, Anyone on here ever weigh a 70's Ford F600 cab chassis truck? no bed, 14' wheelbase.
  9. bigcrunch

    268 bump rail insert

    Ok I see it, have to buy from a retailer, $65 from Should I caulk on the top of the aluminum rail? and leave bottom open for drainage? Maybe seal bottom of bow area only? I know it has been questioned here on other posts mostly stated leave bottom with no caulk. I had one area about...
  10. bigcrunch

    268 bump rail insert

    Hi, For a 268 bump rail plastic insert anyone have the correct part number? A Taylor item?
  11. bigcrunch

    1973 SRV 190 Overheating

    Oil look normal? have you done a compression and leak down test on cylinders? vacuum check? sparks all look the same? when you do run it and it warms up pull off the valve cover breather smoke coming out? Just some preliminary items to check for general health of the engine...
  12. bigcrunch

    88' 460 EC - Port Engine Starter

    You have to share pics... I want to see what space you have to work with.
  13. bigcrunch

    Engine Room Resto.

    You need a steam cleaner, not a hot water, not an electric, but a kerosene\diesel heating type. No need for high pressure low throttle will do most of that crud will melt off. Follow up with some elbow action....
  14. bigcrunch

    Wood coring in Hulls??

    Frank, I understand what you are saying and appreciate you sharing it. I also know that SR (others also) decks are cored and transoms have a sheet of plywood in them. Just my preference to have least amount of cored structure. I had read previously and can't find it that Brunswick...
  15. bigcrunch

    Wood coring in Hulls??

    I am considering looking at a 1990 310 DA and do not want wood cored hull.
  16. bigcrunch

    Wood coring in Hulls??

    Hi, what year did Sea Ray add wood coring to hulls?
  17. bigcrunch

    Help ID this utility boat.

    More like a work boat, huge props for the size boat almost tug like.
  18. bigcrunch

    Help ID this utility boat.

    Last year I was driving back from Arizona I came up behind what looked like a former Navy utility\work boat (gray) being towed by a sprinter van. I'd say approx. 20' long 8'6" ish beam. It had 2 huge propellers under it probably 2' dia each. Console almost aft. Looked like engines mid ship...