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    Sea Ray 220DA boat decals and stripes

    Hi, I am looking for original stripes/ decals for my Sea Ray 220da, I live in the uk and wondered where I could buy them, any help much appreciated. Thanks Denny Mochan
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    WANTED Part for Sea Ray 220 DA Sundancer

    Nice one Scooter, going down to the boat this week-end so I will check for sizes. Do they send overseas bud. If not , if I send you the money could you please send them over ??
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    WANTED Part for Sea Ray 220 DA Sundancer

    Hi, over here in the UK parts for Sea Rays are very hard to find, I was wondering if anyone can help in finding me a supplier in the UK or overseas. I need a few sliding stud fasteners for my beloved Sea Ray 220 DA , They clip onto the top and sides of the wind shield, they are stainless steel...
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    Sea Ray seat parts required.

    Hell yeh man , why not make $50,000,000. There's always one.:smt021
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    Sea Ray seat parts required.

    Hello again, in my last post I said I had found the plastic locking hinges that I needed for my Sea Ray 220DA at Mcmasters, well I did but they will not let me buy them because of exporting regulations. Could any members in the Illinois state of the USA HELP ME PLEASE. The company is...
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    Sea Ray seat parts required.

    Hello Mr Salt, yes I did try but no good, but after looking at the forums I found them at . Cracking shop , but thank-you very much for your help my friend.:smt038
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    Sea Ray seat parts required.

    Hi , I have a 220da 1989 model and need parts for the fold-away stern seat, I need the nylon / plastic hinges. Cannot get them over here in the UK, even though they were made in England initially, any help would be appreciated. Happy boating...
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    Fold away seat

    Hi , I have a Sea Ray 220 DA Sundancer, there is a fold away seat at the rear of the boat, the legs fold left and right under the seat for puting up or taking down , I need the plastic/nylon hinges as mine have broken off , any one know where I can get these parts over here in the UK , or abroad...
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    Yo, any more searay owners in the uk,

    Hi , is there any owners in the UK , I live up in the NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE AREA , would be nice to hear from ya . Denny:smt024:grin:
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    Hi everyone , I'm a newbie and if everything goes well I will be the proud owner of a Sea Ray 220 DA by friday. One wee problem , ther is a wee water leak ( approx 1 cupful of water every week ) going to have a look at engine tomorrow and see if I can find out where this water is coming from ...