330 sundancer

  1. Wattsup

    WANTED: Port side curved windshield needed for a 330. 1996-97-98-99 windshield will do.

    Year range: 1997-98-99. Will pay cash and go and get it. Thanks I can be reached here or @ : plemieux50@gmail.com.
  2. Wattsup

    Looking for: Port side windshield for a Searay 330. 1997-98 or 1999

    Hi, looking for the 2 windshield pieces on port side. The strait and curve ones.
  3. J

    2012 330 Sundancer cabin door removal

    Hi. I am new to the thread. Just purchased a 2012 Searay 330 Sundancer. The cabin door is not sliding well and screws holding plastic glide on top rails are coming out. I need help removing the top cover over the cabin door. I removed three screws and all caulking around the cover. What...
  4. K

    Cruisair blinking "15"

    Hello - I recently had all of my batteries replaced on my 2014 330 Sundancer and now my Cruisair thermostat is flashing between "15" (or "IS") and "--". I believe the display is a Q-Logic Qht Kaypad/display. I've looked at the QHT manual and it mentions an inside temperature sensor failure but...
  5. Karl

    Sitting pretty on Block Island

    Boat Basin has been a favorite place since 2013. Upsized this year from a 2013 260 Sundancer to a 2009 330 Sundancer and absolutely love her.
  6. A

    Kohler 5EKD generator remote won’t turn on

    we have a 2016 330 Sundancer. Our generator has been working great. Low hours. Just used it a few weeks ago. Our remote in the cabin won’t turn on. Our generator is working fine. We can start it from the engine compartment. We had a fuse in position 1 that blew. We replaced it. We checked the...
  7. L

    Parts info needed: 7.4l Merc water lift muffler conversion

    I have a 1998 330 Sundancer with 7.4l mercs that still has the factory log style mufflers. After some problems this spring and some investigation, water seems to be getting pushed backwards up the elbow and sitting on the exhaust valves at shutdow, but apparently only on the outboard side...
  8. Harborite88

    7.4 Horizon 380hp V drive noises

    Hey guys, this is my first post but I've been looking for a boat for a while and I think I finally found one, it is a long ways away so I've been doing everything without physically seeing the boat yet. It is a 1998 330 Sundancer with less than 500 hrs and I had the survey done today. I haven't...
  9. A

    330 1992 Dancer, Borg Warner transmission oil

    Trying to figure out what type of transmission oil to use. Some places say C3 and some say To-2 caterpillar oil. So I am not sure which to use. Thanks
  10. N

    Have a question on transducer

    Does anyone know how many transducers can i place thru the hull on my 330 Sundancer 1997. I have two old transducers at the moment that only do depth and speed but they have a 1 and 1/2" hole thru the hull, my new fish finder transducer needs a 7/8 hole. So i was thinking just add another hole...
  11. Ong's Hat

    New Boat Options Question: Inverter

    Looking at the options on a new 2016 330 Sundancer. Two questions: 1. If I purchase the $17,000 generator, is there ANY reason to also get the $1,058 inverter? 2. Can the inverter run the A/C? Would I be giving anything up by getting the inverter INSTEAD of the generator? Sam
  12. Boater420

    1997 330 DA Refrigerator Replacement

    Hello, I need to replace the cockpit and cabin refrigerators on my boat. Who has also done this and what models did you install. I'm not interested in Norcold replacements as they have a pretty bad reputation Never-cool! NovaCool Vitrifrigo Isotherm I am looking for a direct replacement AC/DC...
  13. S

    1994 330 Sundancer full restoration

    Hello all, my name is Brandon Askins. I live in Summerville, SC. I have been lurking on this forum for a while now and I decided I would share my project with you all. I have a 1994 330 Sundancer and I am going to do a complete refurbishment. I have currently removed 95% of the interior, 95%...
  14. T

    AGM battery change for 330

    I have a 2011 330DA. It came with 2x 2 100AH 'regular' batteries connected parallel (Exide premium). If I understand correctly starboard side battery cranks stud engine and operates helm electronics, chart plotters, VHF etc. Portside cranks port engine and looks after most of house electronics...
  15. Pgh330

    Integrate Bennett Tabs into Mercury Vessel View ?? How

    We Have a 330 DA (Sundancer w/ Axius, Bennett Tabs, and Vessel View (Mercury)) How would I integrate the existing trim tabas (which do not have any indicator installed that I am aware of) into the Mercury Vessel view (which appears to be able to show the tabs as it has a calibration settings...
  16. No Lines

    Deck Problems

    Hey everyone... this is my first post, so be gentle with me... I'm in the process of purchasing a '92 330 Sundancer. None of the items that made it onto the surveyor's list really concern me with the exception of some forward deck issues. I know this is a problem with this vintage Sundancer...
  17. E

    Swim Ladder Needed for 1993 330 Sundancer

    I am in need of a new or used swim ladder for my 1993 330 Sundancer. My current ladder broke at the hinge and the last step is now lost forever. If anyone can point me in the right direction as far as finding one it would be greatly appreciated.
  18. T

    Official 330 Sundancer Thread

    Well, I hope I'm not stepping on toes here but I did a search and could not find another thread that was devoted to 330's. So here it is! To all my fellow 330 owners, please say hello. Regards, Tim