1. Henry Bonilla

    Teak Steps

    Beautiful Teak Steps installed. SR 340!
  2. Tacoma290

    Bilge Pump Float Switch

    I noticed that my float switch was not making the main bilge pump run for my 2007 340. I pulled the switch, and cleaned it with no difference. Pump would not run based on manually manipulating the switch. The switch at the helm does operate the pump. So the helm EIM circuit and the pump work...
  3. Phil Bransom

    Columbia River Cruises

    Hello.... fairly new as a member. Trailering my 2000 Sea Ray 340 from Seattle to Portland this Wednesday. Excited to finally get it on the water. We live on a Floating Home on the Columbia River so it is parked right out front. My wife and I want to take some extended trips up and down the...
  4. R

    Wanted: Aft Seat Bench for 80ies Sea Ray 340

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a bench seat option for my 1988 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer. It is already fitted with the original aft bench, but as we don't use the boat for fishing but for swimming, drinking and relaxing I'm on the hunt for another bench to place it on the opposite and have more seats...
  5. bfernald0

    LB Harvey Marine--Searchlight Repair

    I am passing along a terrific vendor if your Jabsco Searchlight is not working 100% or just needs a refurb. I am NOT affiliated with these guys in any respect and am not receiving any remuneration for this recommendation. When I find a good vendor for my Sea Ray 340 Sundancer, I like to pass...
  6. M

    2006 Sea RAy 340

    Good Morning, Damage on my boat from the hurricane. I need to replace rubber rail and emblems. Can anybody recommend a good place to get these besides somewhere like MarineMax where it's gonna be more expensive. Thank You, Tami
  7. M

    2006 Sea Ray 340

    Good Morning, I need to get 2 of these. Who has the best price? The ones I found are $368 a piece. Eddie Motorsports Heavy-Duty Linear Actuator Stroke: 18"
  8. bfernald0

    2001 340 Sundancer Transom Leak Conundrum

    Looking for anyone that has experienced this issue. I've included a link to three photos below and a video. Long story short, on the interior of the transom right to the outside of each stringer, I've got a small hole that weeps water. It's about the same spot on both sides. I've had the...
  9. B

    340 sedan bridge sitting for a while

    New to the forum but been lurking for a while ! I'm looking at any advice from experienced captains here. I acquired a 1988 340 with twin 454's sedan bridge from my mother in-law that has been dry docked and shrink wrapped since Sept. Of 2006. Does anyone have a list of suggestions to do to the...
  10. Jeffrey King

    Removing Switch Panel

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help. I have a switch panel i would like to remove, but i do not see any visible way of removing it. Here is an example of the panel i am referring to... Please ignore the circled switch. this pic is just for reference. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. S

    Mercruiser 7.4 MPI Stalls when Cold

    Hi All, I am new to Clubsearay, but from what I've seen in my short time browsing different subjects, it seems like there is no better place to go for trouble shooting. I purchased a 1999 34' Sundancer this past fall. It came with twin rebuilt (raw water cooled) Mercruiser 7.4 MPI engines. When...
  12. Mark Searay

    Window leak above kitchen on 2005 340/375

    Gday from Australia Have a problem. After 2 months of scorching fires here, we are now flooding (incl my boat, well not really) I am getting a leak coming from the window in the lower cabin, main one above the kitchen. There is 3 swing locks on the window and the bottom ones seem to be rusted...
  13. C

    1987 340 for parts

    1987 sea ray 340 parts everything but engine blocks and exhaust.blue canvas enclosure transmissions hatches let me know if you need anything.
  14. G

    Factory Cockpit Carpet from a 2006 340 Sundancer

    I replaced all of the cockpit flooring with SeaDek so we have the original factory carpet available. The front three pieces (that were under cover) are in great shape on top. The black rubber backing is starting to crack. We just had all the carpets steam cleaned before we decided to do the...
  15. Wardy549


    Hello Everyone!! First I would like to wish all that read this a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!! Spring cant come fast enough!! Lol Ok, my reach out involves insurance. I just purchased an 88 345 Sedan Bridge. She looks as if she is only a year old. New starboard motor 454 and port...
  16. Abraham Shavin

    Wanted - sc5000 system view

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, I hope I'm in the right section. I am looking for a sc5000 for my 340 sea ray. The display on mine is cracked so, so preferable just the display. Either way if you have it please let me know asap. Thank you so much!
  17. Zac

    New Boat for us, 2006 340 Dancer

    We just got our boat and are taking it out for its first voyage this weekend. We're traveling from Newport to King harbor in southern California. Any tips, advice, hazards?
  18. O

    Rudders too small?

    Hi CSR, I have a fairly rare boat, a 1989 SeaRay 340/345 sedan bridge with strait shafts in prop pockets. I have a real problem with keeping the boat going strait even if there is no wind. I have a top of the line ComNav autopilot and even it has a hard time keeping going in a strait line. The...
  19. O

    Fridge Removal...

    Hi there. I recently purchased a 340 sedan bridge and the fridge seems very noise when its running... I think it just needs to be cleaned but i dont know how to get it out of there. My sea ray manual said to loosen the screw's attaching it to the floor. Well I can't find any screws...
  20. O

    So Confused!?! Electrical Problem!

    Hello, I have a sea ray 345 sedan bridge that has a very annoying electrical problem. First off I have all new battery's in the boat, 4 GR 27 6 volt house batteries, 1 GR 27 starting battery and 1 dedicated GR 27 bow thruster battery. All the house batteries read 6.3-6.4 volts, I don't...