360 aft cabin

  1. Mathieu Imbert


    Hello fellow boaters, i have a 2005 Searay 360 sundancer with Yanmar 6lp-stp diesel engines I keep finding unverified data online of top speed well above 30knots but I m able to only get 24knots top speed trimmed on a calm sea I m curious to see what other Yanmar 360’s are doing out there...
  2. D

    Official 360 Aft Cabin forum

    Hey. I've looked around for a forum for the Sea Ray 360 Aft Cabin (or non-Sundancer 360, etc) and could not find one. So I started one here. If there is a Forum already, if someone can point me to it, I'd appreciate it (and delete this one). Thanks!
  3. R

    Operating specs 80's model 360 Aft Cabin w/gas engines

    Buying a 1984 360 Aft Cabin with gas engines. This is an estate sale and as such I have no access to the previous owner to ask questions. Can someone help with actual operating specs on this model? Would like to find a graph on fuel use at different speeds as well as being able to ask...