1. Althepal78

    Navionics and Garmin CV53

    Is Navionics already connected to this chart plotter because it haves active captain and I already added it on my phone and connected the two
  2. C

    Newer Sea Ray Steering Wheel + Garmin Install

    Just purchased a ‘02 300 Sundancer and was bothered by the old GPS. Replaced that with a newer Garmin and found a killer deal in a new steering wheel. Installed super easily.
  3. RollerCoastr

    Fox Gateways and Garmin MFD's

    I wish I could brag about a complex technical challenge that I solved, but after installing my Fox Gateways to link my MEFI 1's to my Garmin gear, it was clear that it was a beginner-level DIY project. Literally plug-and-play. ...which isn't to say that I didn't make mistakes. Mistake #1 was...
  4. mbrady

    44 Sundancer No GPS on VesselView. No Skyhook or Auto pilot

    All, I am in the process of creating a NEAMA2000 network for my Garmin Chart plotters to receive data from Smartcraft to VV. However, can this same network be the GPS for the VesselView? My GPS is not currently working and I do not have the Skyhook feature etc. I just bought the boat this...
  5. bbrinks

    Garmin MFD and Raytheon 650 Autopilot

    2000 510DA. I’m a newbie and trying to figure out my Garmin 7215 MFD and original Raytheon 650 autopilot. First, I don’t know if they are connected but here’s my problem: the boat icon on my MFD is always off by say 30 degrees. The navigation track (bread crumbs) is accurate but that little icon...
  6. Jack380AC

    PC Charting Software

    Based on some posts I read here, I downloaded the "free" Garmin Home Port software. Unfortunately, it appears to require that you purchase a $160 chart to use it. Am I missing something? I just want to have something much less expensive or even free to plan cruises at home so I can estimate...
  7. marbelliana

    Garmin 7610xsv: Will it fit in my 2007 310 DA?

    Hey all, Boat show season is coming up and I am planning to replace the Raymarine C80 unit that came with the boat when I bought it. I have my eyes on a Garmin 7610xsv and will also add the radar to replace the current one. I wanted to know if anyone had setup that unit on a 2007 Sundancer 310...
  8. Soul Mate II

    Can you connect 99 7.4 Mercruiser engines to a garmin 7610 GPS - NMEA 2000?

    I have seen some really great things done with tying GPSs to the engines. I heard that the NMEA 2000 connection will only connect 2007 and new boats. I have a 99 340 DA - is there an after market product that someone makes that will allow me to connect the engines to the GPS? I know I have 2...
  9. L

    Where to put the autopilot compass unit?

    Hi. I have a 1999 Sundancer 270 and am about to install a Garmin GHP 10 autopilot. I will need to locate the compass unit, and based on the instructions it seems like above the sump pump in the steps leading down to the cabin would be an ideal location. However, I have a hard time seeing how I...
  10. K

    Lots of new Garmin Marine Electronics launched at METS 2013

    Released @ METS will be: Garmin SideVü and Garmin DownVü - side and down scan sonar GVC 10 - Blackbox sonar with the side and downscan GPSMAP 500xs and 700xs will get the DownVü capability with software update. New GPSMAP 800 and GPSMAP 1000 series - non touch - button only controlled for...
  11. Irie308

    Installing Garmin 546 on a Sea Ray 215

    Any thoughts on installing a Garmin 546 on a Sea Ray 215. I'm thinking about wiring the unit to plug directly into a 12v outlet rather than connecting it to the fuse bank behind the steering wheel since i rather not punch a bunch of holes in the fiberglass. However i'm not sure if this is the...
  12. M

    Hooking a Garmin GFS 10 Fuel Monitor to Sundancer 280 Fuel Guage

    I just installed a terrific Garmin chart plotter and GFS10 fueld monitors on my twin 4.3 IOs. The last step is to hook up the fuel tank. I need the ignition switch and the fuel level. I pulled the gauge and have 4 wires. Does anyone know which two I need? Thanks, Mark
  13. J

    Garmin or Raymarine? Which is better radar/chartplotter?

    Just purchased a 2006 34 Sundancer with a Raymarine C80 and I am looking to upgrade the radar/chartplotter and possibly have the ability to add on later(auto pilot, mechanical readouts). We boat in Long Island Sound and i was set on the Raymarine E95 but I was advised to go with Garmin 5208...
  14. J

    Garmin BlueChart Mobile - iPhone / iPad app - New Scuttlebutt or Gouge?

    So back in Feb/March there was a press release about Garmin teaming with ActiveCaptain to develop and release the new BlueChart Mobile iPhone/iPad app. Latest I saw was that it was due in June 2012. Garmin's website says "Summer 2012".... Anyone heard/seen any new scuttlebutt or gouge about...
  15. H

    Garmin or Raymarine

    I'm researching chart plotters / GPS for our SLX, I had a Raymarine on my Sundancer, and it was touch and go.. But when it worked it worked well, and had lots of integrated pieces (gps, radar, sonar, etc..). I doubt well connect anything more then just basic plotting / GPS, mainly remembering...
  16. Gunn

    Garmin GPSMAP 3210 Chartplotter + Garmin GPS17 Antenna - $1,300

    I have for sale a Garmin GPSMAP 3210 Chartplotter for sale. Included is everything that would have come with it when purchased new (except for the box), which includes: GPS17 flush mount antenna Bail Mount Protective Cover User's Manual Preloaded U.S. marine detailed maps (g2...
  17. P

    Garmin Datacard

    Does anyone know where I can find a Garmin Data card (not he SD format) for inland lakes in the Northeast? I have searched for ever on the internet any everyone is sold out. Apparently they do not make this anymore. My only hope seemes to be Ebay but there are none there at the moment either...
  18. Gunn

    Anyone with Garmin 740 chartplotter and RAM mount?

    I currently have a Garmin 3210 (10" display) which, while the large display is great, it is much too large for my helm area. So I'm considering going to a Garmin 740s which is a 7" display. I'm trying to find a compatible mount to go with it at the helm, but haven't been successful in searching...
  19. Blitzn

    Chartplotting Newbie..

    Thanks for reading this.... I've tried reading the forums, spoken with the dealership and local West Marine, and I think I am more confused than ever... In our local waters - we know them real well - but that was always a 19-21' bowrider. On our new boat, we would like a navigator to boost...
  20. L

    dead rise and thru hull transduced

    Hello, 1986 25 ft fisherman cuddy I am going to install a Garmin (airman p79), shoot thru the hull transducer, mid ship, (unless someone suggest a better spot). If anyone knows the 'dead rise" at forward bilge area, please let me know. Also, if anyone has installed this transducer and...