1. C

    2004 Mercruiser 4.3l (Gen+) #0W011342 stall when warmed up

    Hey guys, I have been chasing a gremlin since the end of last season and could use a pointer or two for the cause of this issue. Going to try to give you as much info as I can, including a video of two occurrences. First time of the season that I started the boat today. It would not fire...
  2. M

    No Spark - 4.3 Liter Mercruisers

    Hi all, I have a 280 Sundancer. Both engines have the same problem. They crank fine, and getting fuel - but no spark. Is there a separate circuit for the coil? Different than the starting circuit? I recently replaced some breakers and pulled all of the batteries, could I have left a wire or...
  3. M

    5.7 Mercruiser Thermostat Housing Confusion

    Hello, I have a 2002 300SD Sundancer repowered with 5.7 Mercruisers in 2020. the boat has a raw water Cooling system. This haul out i replaced both thermostat housings. after much searching, i installed the thermostat (160 degrees) in the housing in a different location than what was installed...
  4. Y

    Mercruiser Mpi Electronics

    I have a 7.4l knock sensor module part number# 16169749 and a ignition module# 16234539 if need message me
  5. businessjett

    Can a Rookie remove an engine ?

    My 5.0 Mercruiser needs a new transom assembly. Plus 2 fuel pumps. Mechanic quoted me about $4k in labour. Can I do all this myself ? Remove the engine, replace the transom assembly, replace both fuel pumps. I have zero mechanical experience but seems I need to start to learn so I don't go...
  6. businessjett

    How to access cool fuel black box

    I found it. On my 2004 5.0 Mercruiser the cool fuel black box is on the bottom of the engine near the engine Mount. It’s very close to the floor. In the photo I put a red line around it . could anyone please explain how I remove the cover ? I have not been able to find any information on this...
  7. businessjett

    Is my engine falling apart ?

    I just had a heating issue fixed. Now I have a fuel pump issue. Have also been told a need a new transom assembly and soon new risers and manifolds. Wowza. When I look at my engine. It has lots of rust as well. Like maybe its about to total fail. Can any one give me some guidance based on the...
  8. businessjett

    Leaking Transom Assembly

    Hello, I'm starting to freak out about how much my boat is costing to fix up. I just spent $2k with an over heating issue. Now I have a fuel pump issue. ( mechanic said around $4K ) When I was poking around today. ( I only pock because I am not mechanically minded and would break something )...
  9. businessjett

    $$ Fuel Pump relacement - 5.0 Mercrusier

    Hello. I have no idea about engines. Actually the only thing I know is my motor and leg is really old and worn out. Been spending a lot of money on them its killing me. Now the mechanical says both fuel pumps need to be replaced. I had no idea the engine had 2 fuel pumps. He also says to get...
  10. GABulldogsNH

    v8 bell housing cover

    Mercruiser Bell Housing Cover V8. Used mercruiser (GM) v8 bell housing cover with top or bottom mount starter locations. Like new. $170
  11. T

    Crack in heat riser

    I have a new to me 1986 Seville. It has a Mercruiser 3.7 170 installed. The engine ran when I purchased it but it obviously needs some TLC. I know these engine have a bad history but I would rather try to address what I have than put something else in. Having said that when I pulled the exhaust...
  12. B

    Free 88 Seville!!

    My Uncle gave me a 1988 Sea Ray Seville 18' as a gift for turning 18 (probably more so to get rid of a boat, but anyways,) I am fairly adept with automotive engines, I know the Mercruiser 4.3 in this is pretty much the 4.3 in my old chevy pickup, but thats about where the knowledge ends. It came...
  13. Jeff Copeland

    5.0 MPI Low Water Pressure Issue (solved - I think!) - Poppet Valve

    I wanted to share an issue I've spent a couple of weeks and a lot of money troubleshooting (and puling my hair out over!), in hopes that it helps someone else out there having a similar problem (and I actually found these forums extremely helpful when troubleshooting this and other issues, so...
  14. D

    prop selection 190 signature (1999) I/O alpha one outdrive 5.7L engine

    prop markings are not very visible but this boat has what I believe is a 15p prop three blade aluminum. Seems very underpitched for the engine and at nearly 4k rpm tops at barely over 26mph. I'm considering a 4 or 5 blade SS 21+ pitch prop. I pull skiiers sometimes but interested in power and...
  15. M

    Marathon, FL - Mercruiser Mechanic Needed

    We are having difficulty finding a mechanic to repair an issue with one of our 2006 Mercruiser 8.1L 496 engines. It went out yesterday and can’t get it back. We are currently in Marathon, FL. Thanks for any leads!
  16. Jeff Adamsson

    Mercruiser 8.1 engines

    I have for sale a pair of mercury 8.1 liter engines with transmissions from an 05 searay 390. The engines were removed last winter and replaced with a set of Cummins Diesels. The motors ran fine when removed, no overheating or oil issues. They have ZF transmissions mounted to them with 2.5...
  17. Pilot290

    Mercruiser 5.0 EFI starting problems.

    My starboard 5.0 EFI has decided not to start. Had the boat 6 weeks and put just over 6 hours on the clocks as we slowly get to know her and the ‘new to us’ location on Lake Vättern here in Sweden. Two weeks back went out and the starboard motor stalled after the low rev manouvering out of the...
  18. A

    HELP - Boat won't start - 2004 Sundeck 240 (Mercruiser)

    My Mercruiser MPI 50 engine turns over, but will not start. We have replaced the rotor cap and crank sensor and checked the coil. There is fuel pressure. It appears that it is only generating a yellow spark and not a nice blue spark. Any thoughts or ideas. My mechanic and I are out of...
  19. S

    Issues with Twin V6s in a 2005?

    Hi all, and thanks for the help. Brand new member. I am looking at a 2005 28 foot Sundancer. It has twin V6 motors, 4.3 MPI with Bravo IIIs. Any issues with the V6 models? The price is very competitive and I wonder if this model is underpowered? Thanks so much...
  20. Mark Searay

    Mercruiser parts manual 6.2L for 340da /375 solenoid

    Hi guys Boat hasn’t been starting or cranking. i think I found the cause. mercruiser 6.2l inboards a little plastic block that goes from the motor and ignition to the solenoid. I can’t find a parts manual or code/description for the part. it looks like not making contact properly. When I...