over heating

  1. J

    Circulating Pump: 2006 Sea Ray Sundeck 240 with 2020 Mercruiser 350

    Does anyone have a part number and seller where I can buy a circulating pump for my 2006 Sea Ray Sundeck 240 with a 2020 Mercruiser 350 engine?
  2. novas_searay215ExpCrus

    Corrosion in Closed Cooling system

    I bought a 1999 Sea Ray Express Cruise with the Mercruiser 5.0 EFI. It has a closed cooling system. I have been working on it for a while and changed the zincs, impeller, oil, and water separator filter. Topped off the radiator fluid. I hooked the water hose up to the stern drive seems to be...
  3. T

    Running hot

    I have a express cruiser 215. It shows that it's running at around 190/200 when not adling. 170 idling temp. Water pump and impellor in lower unit replaced. Themastat replaced water pump on motor replaced. All new bellows and hoses on lower unit. What next? Thank you
  4. C

    Cooling issues

    Help be my head hurts. I have a 1990 Sea Ray 230 with a motor ( purchaced new and installed by a previous owner) 2001 marine power 5.7 efi closed loop fresh water cooled. I bought the boat k knowing it had a running issue. I took it to the lake the day I bought it to see what it was doing. It...
  5. G

    System fault warning

    Was boating in my 26 foot Sea Ray last week on the Eastern Chesapeake, when I received a system fault warning that the Mercruiser 300 inboard/outboard was overheating. I turned off the engine and called a tow back to my dock. There, I was able to motor the boat onto the lift. What might be...
  6. suss1173

    Starboard Motor running hot and having hard time shifting it.

    I recently picked up a Pachanga 27. The boat has been in fresh water most of its life (Naples ME). I am using her on the Long Island Sound (salt water). When I put her in on Friday I ran her for about 3 hours, and she ran great. Other than a loose solenoid wire, which prevented her from...