1. hynespa

    Stained Corian in cockpit wet bar

    My Corian counter top in the wet bar has stains that just won't go away. Everything I read says to use "Bar Keepers Friend" - which I have tried several times but the stains keep coming back when it dries. Has anybody else had this problem? I'm sure I am missing something as Corian...
  2. C

    Stained Cockpit Cusions

    Any secrets to removing red (what looks like life jacket red) stains from the white sea ray 310 sundancer seat cushions in the cockpit lounge area?
  3. M

    Fabric walls stained....

    I have a 44 Convertible, 1988. The foam behind the fabric interior walls has broken down and the result is brown stains on the grey fabric over large areas. The fabric itself looks in good repair other than the stains. Has anyone else dealt with this? I dont really want to replace it (a huge...