sundancer 268

  1. TavernierBoater

    Looking for 1986-1989 Sundancer 268

    Hi, New member, former owner of "Uptown Girl", a 1984 Sundancer 245. Looking to get back into boating and would like to find a freshwater 1986-1989 Sundancer 268. If you have one you'd like to sell, let's talk. Patrick
  2. K

    87 vs 88 268 Sundancer

    So I recently bought a 87 268 Sundancer. My question is, is there any difference between the 87 and 88 years as far as canvas goes? Looking at a full camper setup that’s currently on an 88 and wondering if it would fit. Thanks!
  3. TerrySturgeon

    Took a ride and drive. I thought about it and took the plunge... Hope it works out...

    I finally got to take a ride in the 1988 268 DA I was looking at a few weeks back. I want to thank everyone who put in comments and what to look for in the boat. She seemed okay on power and ride. All gauges worked. I kicked the tires and walked around pounding on the boat and tried everything...