sundancer 310

  1. Rigby

    Inboard vs. Stern drive on Sundancer 310

    Hello all I am shopping for my first Sea Ray. Looking at Sundancers in the '99-'04 range. I see quite a few 2001 Sundancer 310 in my area. From what I have read this model was available both as a Stern Drive and as Inboard/V-drive. Do owners have a preference? Are there any known issues with...
  2. C

    1990 SR Sundancer 310DA Battery Config

    So I bought this boat last year and did a complete rebuild on both engines. She had two deep cycle battery's and one cranking battery connected. I replaced all 3 batteries but now I am a little confused and I'm thinking maybe someone screwed something up in her previous life. From what I have...
  3. M

    Mercruiser Engine RPM is capped.

    Need some help here. I have a 2008 310 Sundancer with 2 x 350 MAG MPI 5.7 Mercrusier engines. I just changed the manifold and exhaust to fix the overheating problem and here comes another issue which never happend before. When I speed up the throuttle, I heard a beep from computer and then...
  4. lmjet

    Help!! Broken Grab Rail on 310 SD

    Does anyone have any tips to repair a broken grab rail that leads to the foredeck? It is part number 1846671 on the 2007 310 Sundancer. Looks like I might have to take the door off, but can't figure out how to do that either. It seems like a really poor design. Any input would be...