1998 SR 290 Sundancer - Little Ducky II

Well I might need some outdrives sooner than later.

Went for fireworks over the weekend and got tangled up in some milfoil which almost stopped me in my tracks. Both props could barely be turned by hand and outdrives were entangled. When I idled out of it I could see an oily sheen on top the water. After a swim with a serrated knife and about 15 minutes of cutting on each drive I got the milfoil off the props, out from behind the props and off the drive. The drive lube monitors needed to be topped off a little but not much and after the show the ride back was uneventful.

While I was cutting I really noticed my drives were more rotten than I had imagined. Hopefully the prop seal wasn't permanently compromised from the entanglement to end my summer fun. One thing to note the slip was free of oil sheen when I returned.... but I haven't looked at the fluid monitors yet to see if there's a need for concern.
It's been a while for an update. I decided to give some love to the canvas to extend it's life a little longer. It's been removed and resewn. I started to have seams pull apart, zippers break, and hook & loop disintegrate so what a better time than fall/winter to have this done. But not really bad for being 25 years old.

Today was supposed to be reinstall day and as you see only half could be reinstalled since the zipper replacement on the radar arch insert was missed, plus the guy is going to replace the piece of broken track you can see in the 1st picture.

One thing I didn't realize is how much of a PITA it is to slide the support frames back through the canvas pockets to reinstall. Glad I wasn't doing it. :D

Finally got the rest of my canvas repaired and installed. It seemed to be a fighter. Every time the shop touched it another zipper or some zipper teeth would parish...... it was a fight till the end. Just this week they had to remove the front bimini again to redo the front bimini to radar arch connection. New zippers on both sides.

Was the refresh worth it. I think so.

Hopefully get a good number of years out of the original enclosure. 26 years and counting. :)

Total cost was $1250.00

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