2000 340 SD Refrigerator(s) Replacement


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Oct 16, 2010
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I have a 2000 340 Sundancer and I am replacing both original refrigerators. For the cockpit I am leaning towards the Dometic 1065S and undecided on the galley/cabin replacement. I know many have replaced it with the Vitrifrigo C115IXD4-F with the oversized flange but visually I am looking for a cleaner look like this pic: can anyone identify the make model? It’s hard to tell but almost looks like they may have installed a cabinet filler on the left.
Cabinet R/O is 23 1/2 W x 31 1/8 H and looking for a drop in fitment - SS.View attachment 141890
You may get more relevant hits if you identify as a 340 DA :) SD is a Sundeck. Us Dancers are all DA's.

That photo makes me think Isotherm. I put one in my cockpit and it's been solid...

do you recall the exact outside frame
dimensions. I have noticed that listing are all over the map.
do you recall the exact outside frame
dimensions. I have noticed that listing are all over the map.

Check out Defender Marine. They are generally great to deal with. They'll list the dimensions of all the models. Some have the ability to remote-locate the compressor to give you more room, if needed.
That is a an Isotherm fridge. I installed one in my cockpit as well, and it is an awesome fridge.

However, the issue I have with the Isotherms is they are just slightly thinner than the Norcold that was likely the original fridge. So yes, you will have to shim or otherwise make some piece of filler. Its just enough to be a real PITA unfortunately. If you go with Isotherm, I found marinewarehouse.net out of FL to be the lowest cost option and their shipping is the lowest as well. I bought my Isotherm from them, and they do a great job. I had mine shipped to a local freight yard and just picked it up myself. A lot cheaper than residential delivery.

Check out Nova Kool. Their website has a cross reference for about every fridge in the RV/Marine market and I have found their specs to be spot on. I replaced my galley fridge with one of theirs on it is a great fridge as well.

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