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Jan 23, 2024
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I purchased a 2011 Sea Ray 195 4 months ago. I was unable to get the anchor light to work....I switched out the power wire from another switch and the light worked. so all the wiring works however when I dug into the cockpit I found that the power wire that leads to the anchor light switch was not connected to anything. It's too short to reach the fuse panel, there are no other free hanging connection wires and there is no obvious place it would be daisy chained to another switch. Additionally, according to the sea ray manual, there is no designated fuse for the anchor light...it appears that it runs on the same circuit as the nav lights. Anyone have any advice on this one? Basically where should the power to the anchor light switch come from? Is it possible that the previous owner changed out a 5 pronged nav switch that this wire would have connected to? I have the manual's electrical diagram but it's a bit confusing and I can't read these types of schematics. Thanks for your help!!
If you go and look at the diagram a little closer, they're actually very well laid out and informative. You should see that a single power wire feeds the two switches - that wire will also be labelled in the diagram and it will correspond to the label that is physically attached to the actual wire. IIRC, it will feed the bow nav light switch first - and then a jumper (which should also be labelled) will feed the stern light switch.

If this is not what you have... or a previous owner messed with things... well, that's known as the "POS" (Previous Owner Syndrome). We'd need more info as to what you actually have there in order to help.
Thank you for the reply!!….This is the wiring diagram with the highlighted area in question. I‘m not really sure how to read these. In my actual console the power feed is connected to the nav switch but there‘s no where to then connect the other end that I can see.
Look at the "jumper" in the wiring diagram.

Again, though, if you've got a POS going on - it's really hard to help with that from where I am :)

If you can be more specific about what you're not understanding in the electrical diagram, I can try to help with that, though. It looks like you've got the jist of it, though.
That area of the schematic is very cluttered and not consistently marked.

In this case the black dots at "4" is the indicator lamp inside the switch. (not a connection point) A fifth terminal should be present for the ground connection for the lamps.

On a small boat Nav lights are correctly red and green running lights a stern white light 120 degrees and a forward facing masthead white light 240 degrees. Since these two white lights add up to an all around 360 degree, the anchor light can do double duty. On very small boats usually just an all around white light on a plug in pole.

So the NAV switch should be a Double pole single throw (On-Off) 4 pins plus a fifth ground pin.
The Anchor switch should Single pole single throw 2 pins plus a third for ground.

The jumper arrangement is to isolate the red and green when the anchor switch is ON.
And the NAV switch turns everything on at once.

There are several problems here, first if the NAV switch is only 4 pin there is no indicator lamp, not a big deal, the gauges will light up and you would now its on. It must not be original.
Second the schematic is confusing. The line between pin 2 and pin 8 is a jumper.

It may not be marked as a jumper because the OEM switch had a snap-on copper bus bar between these terminals.

The original would have looked like this.

You may need some piggy back connects to add the jumpers.
The original would have looked like this.
View attachment 157706

You may need some piggy back connects to add the jumpers.
View attachment 157705
Again...thank you so much! This really helps and makes sense as the way the disconnected wiring was secured leads me to believe it was intentionally left to be hooked up later. Upon further inspection there are actually two wires...one red and one grey that lead to separate prongs on the nav light switch. Much appreciated!

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