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Apr 20, 2010
Tri Cities, WA
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Last Friday the H-1 Unlimited Hydros were having a time trial day to get the boats tuned for the season. The guy across the street from us owns two hydros and he had both of them down there. They changed props and shafts around (at around $25K each) trying to dial them in.

The best part for me was that I got to be in the pits, watch the activity then sit with the owner for about 45 minutes and just BS about what is involved with owning a pair of hydros.

Here are the fruits of my labors...
These are the safety guys who donate their time just in case....

These guys change engines like we move fenders around

One of the boats coming back to the dock after a run

This is national champion driver Cory Peabody posing with his son.

And here is your photographer. I stopped to pick up some things before I went to the race.

That's it. Being in the pits is a lot of grunt work and doesn't have the glamor that the boats have when they're going 170+ on the water.
Not a whole lot of pics but I was only there for a couple of hours. We have an Alaska trip coming up and I bought a new Nikon that has a chip so it'll be easy to get the pics out it that one,
We'll be on the water at the end of July for the races. That's my favorite weekend in the Tri-Cities.
We're going to miss the races this year for the first time in many years. We'll be on a cruise to AK which will be followed by 9 days driving to cities around the state. Can't wait to show Tina how beautiful it is.
We'll miss them next year. We're driving to Alaska, already made reservations at an rv park in Soldotna.
Going to fish for some Kenai sockeye.
They used to come near Rochester to one of the large finger lakes, Seneca Lake. I never got a chance to see them but would love to go now
One thing that impressed me about being in the pits was the enormityof the whole thing. Now only does my neighbor own two boats, and their trailers, and two HUGE trucks to tow them. The trucks are full of parts, engines, tools, workbenches and all the stuff you need to work on the boats.


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