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Jan 16, 2020
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Hi alltogether, during the inspection before let boat in water, I recognized that this bellow (see photo) is not fixed. I could not fix it again, because there is not enough space for my hands and that bellow is to stiff to put it into the nozzle. Is this the exhaust bellow? And how critical is this? Maybe it was in this state in last season. A friend of mine told me, that it doesn´t matter, I can leave it in this state. How do you think about?
Have you tips to mount the bellow again?

Brgds Peter


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Yes that is the exhaust bellow. My concern for running it like that would be smashing the end closed when lowering the drive. If you turn the drive can you get to hoseclamp on the transom assembly side? Many use this design instead, this is what my boat has.
Thank you.. I will have a look on my transom. But when I 'm right, it really doesn' t matter when water will come into that bellow? Correct?

Greets Peter
Generally, no, it's not a problem. However, there are two instances where it "could" be.

1) The open end gets pinched closed thereby restricting exhaust flow and possibly allowing water to build up inside the tube and, eventually, back feed into the engine.

2) If the open end of the hose orients itself in such a way that it creates a "scoop" where backing down hard forces water into the engine.

I believe both scenarios have a small chance of happening... but the chance does exist.
Hi Dennis,

thanks for explaining and I also think, these szenarios are not very probably, but really not to exclude. To find a solution for short, I could cut the bellow a little bit shorter and will change the bellow in Winter into that tube mentioned from Shenanigans77. What du yout think?

Greets Peter
I thought on a alpha-1 Gen II you had an option to connect it or not connected is that true
B3 with 300 hp or more use the exhaust tube. It only connects to the transom. Not the drive.
Hey Peter! I've installed both my drives exhaust bellows using simple zip ties. You'll be able to do this and it won't matter if the hose is a little stiff. Check out the YouTube video (about 7.5 minutes in) to see this simple procedure. I was amazed. Hope this helps!

Hi Jim, amazing video, thanks for this! Really great Idea with the zip ties. :) I will give it a try, otherwise I will cut the bellow a little bit an change into a tube in next season.

Greets Peter
Hi Jim, hi alltogether, the tip with the zip ties worked for me. :) I got it and it was really good to do. In winter I will change it into the tube. Thanks at all and nice weekend.

Greets Peter


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Most people start the season with fresh anodes and outdrive paint. Your stuff looks pretty worn out
This is my Boat and not your problem and it was not my question at all.
Pretty harsh response to someone trying to give you helpful advice. @scoflaw has helped many people on this board, he was just trying to prevent your next post from being: “bravo III is corroding badly, anything I can do to fix it”?

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