Best Place To Sell 240DA In Southeast

Kirby V

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Dec 14, 2022
Cape Coral, FL
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240 Sundancer 2002, Shoreland'r Galv 2003
2018 383 Mag Stroker w/Bravo III Drive

I have a 2002 year 240DA that I bought about 15 months ago before moving to southern Florida and have determined that it is not the correct type of boat for where I'm at.

So, I'm wanting to sell the boat using a broker. I have a trailer for it and am happy to trailer it to a suitable broker location that isn't too far away. So, my question(s):

-Where should I trailer it to? I'm happy going as far as Atlanta or even eastern Tennessee if there is a compelling enough reason to do so. I would also be happy going to somewhere like Lake Martin in Alabama. My goal is the same as everyone else's.. to get max dollar after costs, storage fees, etc. So, if there is one lake or region that typically sells faster or for more money that is the type of information that I'd love to have.

I am wanting to put the boat on the market soon so it can be used by a happy family for this boating season. When should I plan to take the boat to the broker? [i.e, yesterday, March 1, April 1, May 1.. etc]

Once I have picked a general lake/location I can start doing research on brokers in the area but am hoping I can get some help in these preliminaries.


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