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Sep 21, 2007
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Anyone dock in Cleveland? After much debate and many marina's I would like to know of any suggestions? We used to dock in Sandusky because there is so much more to do and see, however, with rising gas prises we were spending more and more money on gas and time just to drive there from Cleveland. We docked in Cleveland at the same marina for the past two years but have been unhappy there. We are considering Whiskey Island Marina because there is so much to do there, plus green space, beach access, and food/bar. any suggestions?
I've been treated so well at ORYC that I feel obligated to suggest it.


-Nice facilities
-Friendly & welcoming members and staff
-Great Pool / spa / patio / bar
-Decent docks
-Easy access via car
-Easy to stagger from the WIM (er, so I've heard)


- shakey financials
- club politics and fees (just assuming from previous YC experience)
- (*^&#!! bridges
- stagnant water / debris
- nearby industry and trains - but that applies to WIM too

As a transient, the negatives are only the bridges, and on a low water day, I think I could slide under the Willow St bridge.
The best marina is Mentor Harbor Yacht Club. The only Cleveland marina I know is MHYC. Guess I am prejudiced.

I drive from Butler PA, and there can't be a marina with nicer facilities than MHYC.

HOwever, it is 25 EAST of Cleveland and a 70 NM run to the islands (about 3h for me). Compare those costs when you are doing the cost benefit study, and driving to the boat that is close to your destination will always be the winner.

The location, facilities, and people at MHYC are top notch. I spend most of my time at the marina though, and don't do alot of weekend running. Will go on long trips (1000 islands) etc, but more weekends than not are spent at the club and that is totally great for me. Access to miles of beaches, trails everywhere, the lagoon has numerous and long fairways to take the dinghy out on, easy dinghy runs to pickel bills and chagrin river. Islands are THE destination, but Port Stanley in Canada and a few points east........forget the few points east.

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