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mr steve wayne

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Mar 22, 2022
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1984 Sea Ray 5.6 Seville Cuddy Mercruiser 150ELPO Family Restoration Project
Mercruiser 5.7, 260 4 barrow
I am restoring a 1984 Sea Ray 5.6 Seville Cuddy with mercury 150ELPO engine.
can you instruct me where to fine electrical drawings for this boat. All manuals I have looked in do not match my boat.
Also I am looking for a owners manual to understand electrical switch layout.
Can you please help me locate where I may obtain this info.
This is a family restoration project.
Please Advise
Thank You
I think after knowing more about it. I am looking for the owners manual for 1984 Sea Ray 5.6 Seville. That is where I will find my dashboard switch wiring diagram. That is what I really need. I have searched all over the net even contacted Sea Ray.
Any one no where I can get this info?
Your going to have a tough time finding that, if one even exists. Your might be best served by rewiring the boat and making your own schematics. On an 18' boat there's not a lot of wiring if your restoring it.
A wiring system diagram from the engine manufacturer may help. They all differ slightly, depending on what engine is used.
That sounds like an amazing project! Finding specific electrical drawings and manuals for older models can be tricky since they're not always readily available. Have you tried reaching out to Sea Ray directly or searching through online forums or groups dedicated to boat restoration?
For in-depth electrical guidance or locating manuals, a professional service like Kanata Utilities in Ottawa: https://kanatautilitiesltd.ca/high-voltage-contractor-ottawa/ might be able to provide some insights or suggestions. They deal with various electrical setups and might have resources or advice that could help with your restoration. Good luck with the project—it sounds like a fantastic family endeavor!

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