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Dec 31, 2006
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Any one have plans? All my late summer trips crashed and burned. Some due to weather and some due to work. Now FLIBS coming and have to work it but want to get away after the show for a long weekend. Thinking Bahamas is probably too late at this point due to the NE winds and inconsistent weather. So the Keys may be in my future. Anyone else have plans or want to join?
doing FLIBS, then back to storm recovery here in Charlotte County
The other side of the state, but we are headed to the boat this week for a couple of weeks.

Venice is as far south (if we even go there) as we will go due to the recent storm. I expect we will spend most of the time anchored around Tampa Bay areas.

Our favorite time of the year for boating in FL.
Nov 17th through the 20th going somewhere…. Either Bimini if winds waves and weather permit or I am off to islamirada…. Any takers?
Where are you guys going to be working at FLIBS? We are driving down for it this year.
Where are you guys going to be working at FLIBS? We are driving down for it this year.
I will be hanging out in the Bahamas booth in and out. I have a seminar I have to do on Friday and Saturday in the conference center of the convention center. The Bahamas booth is right near the main entrance of the show over by the Bahia Mar. Other than that I will be cruising around the show checking out a few things I have my eyes on.

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