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Mar 6, 2009
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My wife and I decided to stop over in Auckland for a couple of days on our way to Fiji. We explored your harbor today and then visited the museum. We'll be back another day.
You will have to tell us what you thought? Have a good time in Fiji. Remember to greet everyone with "Bula vanarca" and you will be well liked. Go easy on the Karva.
It is a magnificient city... we want to come back and explore the whole country one day. We were in Fiji 21 years ago. Named our dogs after it, first one was Bula and our current one is Kava.
Classic, I hope you have a wonderful time.
Hi Chuck,
you should have given us a heads up you were coming, we could have given you a tour of our fair city both on land and on the water.
Thanks for visiting and remember next time.......
That's a gracious offer. Thanks!

We are on our way back now, sititng here in Singapore awaiting next leg. On our way back from Fiji, we had an 8 hour stop over in Auckland again. We took the Airbus to the Queen St. Ferries, hopped the Devonport Ferry, ate at Portofinos, then hopped the ferry back, got back on the Airbus and made our connection. It's been a whirlwind....

I'll post some pics once I get back home and can pour through the over 800 pics I've taken so far :(

Go All Blacks!!!
Admiral and I are planning another return to Auckland and Fiji this year for our 25th. We loved it so much we have to go back and this time taking our 3 kids with us, well 2 are now adults and 1 is still a kid... Can't wait to spend more time in this lovely corner of the globe.

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