Hi everyone! New Sea Ray owner here!


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Jan 24, 2023
San Antonio TX
Boat Info
1973 sea ray 160
Mercruiser 140 hp
Good day everybody, I just acquired a 1973 sea ray 160 with a Mercruiser 140 horsepower I/O engine. Boat needs A LOT of work including new seats, carpet, minor engine work, and probably new electricals. I will be using this as a chase boat for my NACRA 5.7. I am the director of a nonprofit that helps women overcome addiction and we are putting together a women's sober sailing team to race here in Texas. I am located in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, Texas and look forward to participating in these forums! Anyone in my area feel free to reach out to me!
William, Welcome to CSR. Knda hard for people in your area to reach out to you when you don't complete your profile info to show where you live and do your boating.
William, thanks for updating your profile. My son lives in Conroe, not too far from where you are. I hope you made it through the tornadoes that ran through there.

And, yes, it would be nice to see more pictures of your baby.
Here are some pictures of the salvage and immediate aftermath, I powewashed and began scrubbing, bought a marine battery to see if the engine cranks, and had to buy a couple used tires to replace the ones on the trailer as they were completely shot. Next plan is to get the engine running, then add new carpeting and seats, and I am on the lookout for a replacement walkthrough if anyone has any idea where to find one!


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Welcome to CSR. Quite the project you have in store

Indeed! Luckily the engine was covered the entire time is sat neglected and I am not afraid of big projects I'll attach a couple pictures of a NACRA I restored as I found her and how she looks now


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That would be a great way to "introduce" yourself to the rest of us, and you might want to pick our brains for ideas on how to do a part of your project.

Your ability to restore your baby is waaaaay beyond my skill level, but I do like to see how others do their projects.
Welcome to CSR!

That 1973 boat looks like it sat out in the weather for a long time. Check for floor/stringer rot and transom rot before you start throwing money at it.

Best of luck!

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