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  1. Dan Leff

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    Mar 5, 2021
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    2000 40' Sedan Bridge
    Caterpillar 3116TA
    40ā€™ sedan bridge Forward stateroom unit keeps getting a high pressure warning. I have blown out the lines and get good water flow. I ran barnicle buster through the lines and it still is showing a hp warning. The other unit is working fine and has great water flow so the pump is working fine as it controls both units. I have reset the thermostat but still get the warning. Looking for any else I could try before calling in a pro. thanks
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    If it is truly going HP and the cooling is good do you have good air flow through the evap coil? Is the filter clean? Short of that the unit is done due to blockage
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  3. GirlyGirl1999

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    Is the sensor not replaceable? Iā€™m spit balling here, not an A/C expert.
  4. Mark.60

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    Sep 6, 2020
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    The high pressure switch is replaceable and readily available at any HVAC supply house.
    If the original one is soddered into place just screw the new one on the high pressure schradder valve and connect the two wires.
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