I am the rest off the world???


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Oct 12, 2006
Netherlands Europe
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360DA '03 6,5 kw kohler generator, AC, etc.
Yanmar 315Hp diesels
Am I the rest of the world???

Hello you guys around the world.

Is there anybody coming from Europe?

Let us know.

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I think, Frank that it is impossible that for example we ask Jeremy to use the old SRO e-mail addresses and that he send them a message we are here?

Not only because of other European Sea Ray owners, but I still think that maybe a lot of guys still searching…

Hello Peter
I found this site through a link on boatsus.I am from Isle of Wight,England
Hello Sean,

Glad to see that another European has found this wonderful site!
I hope you also have a lot of fun here, and that we see each other again, because we are in the same time schedule!

Hey Nigel!

Welcome here!!

Nice boat these 270's
Do you have some photos from your boat and where you cruise?
And maybe you can put some info about your engines etc. in your sig.
Did you also have to winterize your boat this week?

I like to hear from you.

i am from north east england

this site is invaluable, like the last one. :grin:

Been offline due to computer but now back and found this site again as lost all data.
Hey Peter, How is your weather looking, I saw on the Weather Channel this morning that the remnants of our last storm that started in the Caribbean is now headed your way with high winds, so I hope all is well with all of you over there.
Hi i am from Sweden:smt001
Re: I am the rest of the world???

Hi i am from Sweden:smt001

Welcome to this very nice forum!!

Europe is getting bigger :smt038

Maybe we can meet on the North Sea.. :grin:

Are you still boating?

Yes, but not whit my searay. Its winterized now.
This is my Winterboat.


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Welcome to the board, there is a great group of people here.
Hi from Great Britain i am in Cardiff :thumbsup:

In the market for a boat, more than likely a 230 sun dancer. I have seen the one i want but it is not going to be ready until first week of July, which is no problem as i got time to keep looking and hopefully gain some much needed info until then :huh:
"the rest of the world" grows - sea ray in switzerland / europe

hello to the "rest of the world"

i'm living in switzerland with beautiful lakes between the mountains. the boat is a classic sea ray srv 220 overnighter, next year 30 years old.

kind regards from CH

i'm from the northwest of ireland..
do my boating in lough swilly and north west coast..


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