If you had to rank your boat upgrades - what would be your top two or three???

This will be our 4th season with our 320 and we're still loving it though the kids are slowly pushing us into a bigger boat (really my wife is..lol). Since having the boat we've done the following upgrades ranked in order of usability and comfort:

1. Dinghy and Davits
2. 40" Cabin TV
3. Shower teak grate
4. KVH (2 TV install)
5. Extended Cockpit Canvas shade
6. Larger Cockpit Table
7. Led spreader light
8. New Cockpit Carpet
9. Led lighting (cabin and cockpit)
10. Isinglass upgrade to polycarbonate
11. Quieter Genny Muffler

To do:
1. Small inverter
2. Cabin Carpet replacement
3. Would like to mount the grill by the transom (on a table type platform)
4. Get bigger boat with all upgrades listed above ;-)
LOL...it looks like i got around to #4 on the "to do" list minus finding one with the items listed above. Pretty much ran through the same upgrades on our current 420 DB. This time around I think our best upgrade to date is going all Garmin. Absolutely love the Garmins! Recently upgraded the auto pilot before putting her away for the winter. Looking forward to being able to do more than just hold a heading.
1. Inverter system - Being able to have coffee/breakfast quietly with out the generator. Liked it so much I'm upgrading the upgrade this year to a Victron 24V version.
2. New Fridges - Isotherm 65 for the cockpit, and the dual compressor Nova Kool RFU9200 in the Galley Food kept cool not frozen, and frozen things are frozen. what a concept!
3. Upgraded Electronics, most importantly Doppler radar. Huge safety improvement.
It's hard to keep you guys on-track. :)

I'll add a couple more "upgrades" to my list. As I'm now fully back into polishing mode, getting ready for launch 2023, I'm again appreciating some tools I invested in last year.

I can't say enough about how much easier it is (to me) to manage a cordless polisher. It's really changed my attitude about polishing.


I also bought a cheapo 3" polisher for the hard to reach spots. I think I'll only use this when compounding but it was definitely a game changer for the gunnels and non-skid.


And last, this thing is a life saver when polishing. Blow all the crap off the boat at regular intervals, trying to avoid the boat next to you :)

Fixing the dumb helm seating on my 250. I replaced the useless jump seats with folding boat chairs, made storage drawers for where the jump seats used to slide in and hinges the bottom helm cushion so I could also access the storage from above without needing to slide the drawers out. Oh, and finally changed the name which was associated with Ex wife, lol.
#1. Zodiac & Suzuki.
No matter what going on with main boat(wind, broke, no feel like it) I can go out and fish, cruise, go water bar.
Been times between real boats i still had my Zodiac to go out. Cannot imagine how every boater doesn’t have one.

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