Is anyone from Alaska on here?


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Apr 20, 2010
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We're taking a 7-day cruise to AK in late July, leaving from Vancouver, BC. Once we get off the ship we're going to spend 10 days roaming around the state.

Is there anyone on here who lives in AK?
I have a boater friend that lives in Juneau. He’s quite talkative - he’d probably chat with you.
See if you can get in touch with him and see if he'll stoop low enough to talk to a USAF guy to spent 4 years in AK.
Mike, not from Alaska but did a similar trip last year. We started in Fairbanks, then took the train to Anchorage via a couple days' stop at Denali. Picked up the ship at Seward and debarked in Vancouver.
I used this website for most all the ashore planning and booking: It allows one to build an itinerary selecting transit options, lodging and tours, then pay for it all. They also provided good support when we encountered a glitch.
My kids do too! For years I've used only my phone to take pictures. For this trip I'm going to break out an old Nikon. The quality of the photos isn't better; at least not from what I've been able to discern, but it has a 50X zoom.

I figure I'll upload them to a 3rd party site so it'll be easier to load them on here.
Mike, we did a land/sea Alaskan adventure 20 years ago for our 25th anniversary. Flew to Fairbanks and spent 5 days working our way down to Seward where we got the ship to Vancouver. It was amazing.
Last September we met a couple from Colorado at the Montana (5th wheel) Owners Club National Rally in Goshen Indiana. They organized the every morning bike ride and we rode with them almost everyday, and he was telling us about how they had taken their RV to Alaska several years earlier and they were going back in 2023. We will see them again in September at the rally where they will be heading to directly from Alaska. He is going to present a roundtable about his trip that I am looking forward to. They left Colorado a couple of weeks ago and are up in the Lake Louise area of Alberta now. Below is their blogspot if you want to follow along to maybe get some ideas or to just enjoy their photos or story. Enjoy your trip.
Mark, we're doing our trip in the opposite direction and it will be for our 15th anniversary. The ship leaves out of Vancouver, BC. We'll be 7 days working our way north, with stops at Juneau and Ketchikan and cruising past 3 glaciers. We leave the ship at Whittier and Princess has provided transportation for us to the airport in Anchorage.

We pick up our car in Anch and overnight there. In the a.m. we take off for Denali where we will stay 2 nights. Then it's back to Anch for 2 more nights. Then we're headed to Seward for 2 nights, Homer for a night then back to Anch for a night before we fly to Seattle.

We'll overnight in Seattle before heading out to home. And some well deserved rest.
I'd bet the competition among the fish places would be pretty stiff. They all serve fresh fish, and there's only so many ways to cook it. The ones who don't do a good job won't be around next season.

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