Its time. The "President Joe Biden" Thread.

Can you believe Hunter is suing the blind Mac shop owner where hunter left his laptop?…… WTF?….. this is getting insane.

I don’t necessarily disagree….. what I can say is if Biden won’t quit….. we need to impeach now….. but airbag republicans are spineless….. border alone should have that ass out of office

Saw a 'meme' today that had a pic of Clinton and said he paid Paula Jones $850,000 in hush money but no offices were raided then
80 million voters....That is why I will vote for Trump early and often. He is my middle finger to all the commie corrupt bastards in DC, all the limp wristed woke ass generals in the Joint Chiefs, and a big F you! to all the liberals.

That's why I want Trump. I want a son of a bitch back in the White House going scorched earth with a flame thrower in each hand aimed at all the corrupt commie bastards.
This guy is a complete moron….

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and I’m sick of every time there is a shooting dems come out and say they need to get rid of guns….. who in their right mind thinks that will solve anything….. wasn’t it the dems who got rid of mental institutions?…… todays politics is getting frustrating
The shooter was born a woman, she pretends to be a guy, so she's a 'trans man'. The media has been 'mis-gendering' her. This LGBTQ stuff is so messed up even they can't keep it straight.

Ya mental health sure doesn't get much attention when it comes to this sort of shootings. I did some reading, 3-8% of the population are LGBTQ, 60% of suicide attempts in the country are within that group. I'd say the alphabet folks have severe mental problems.

I wonder....should they be running some of our biggest cities like Seattle and Chicago, remember the 'Summer of Love', remember 'I got the biggest dick in town'. Should we put one in charge of 'nuclear waste disposal' in the USA, how about Cabinet positions. More stess is all they need, there are exceptions I'm sure.

Back to gun violence...we got the 'crazies' and the 'criminals', If we did something about them there wouldn't be many folks shot at all.
Too many snowflakes that can't handle their emotions. They have been coddled and spoon fed their whole lives then get out into the real world and can't cope. Back in my high school days (80's) most students had a gun in their car in the parking lot and we never had shootings. You punched each other in the face a few times after school, shook hands and walked away.
Remember awhile back we talked about litter boxes in schools and a few said it was just myth and rumors? I said then that my wife is a teacher and one of her member districts had this happening? Ran into an old high school friend over the weekend that was out with his family. His daughter was there (I had met her a handful of times) and she is the girls head basketball coach at that school. They had 2 players that wore cat ears and changed their names to Fluffy and I forget the other one. Both used litter boxes while in school. They wanted a litter box on the busses for away games and were denied so one girl quit the team over it. This came from the head coaches mouth that had direct contact with this
Speaking of the weakness of todays society...I run a team of 15. I have a guy that is my backup. I have to compile reports every morning then a weekly report once a week then ad-hoc reports at my managers request so I need someone I can rely on when I'm not here. Todd is my backup. He is 1 day older than me (54) so not this new generation stuff. He misses work at least 3x a month due to 'personal issues'. My whole team works from home so rare that you really need to miss work. On 3/31 he had a stiff neck so texted that morning that he wasn't logging on. This morning he said he had a personal issue and couldn't log on. He also told me awhile back that his family owned a multi-million dollar plastics business and he has social anxiety issues so for 2 years his dad paid him a full salary and benefits while he sat at home and did nothing. This morning my manager emailed me complaining about how often Todd calls off work for personal issues. 2 weeks ago I got smacked in the eye with a piece of trek decking and my eye was almost swelled shut but I didn't miss any work. Too many 'pansies' out there today. Rub some dirt on it and get back to work!

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