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Apr 20, 2010
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I haven't been able to spend as much time on here as I used to but it's because of a bit of turmoil in our house. In September we took a couple of days and went to my wife's reunion then a couple more days and went to Lake Chelan for a brief stay at a great lodge up there.

When we got back, we found a freshwater pipe in a bathroom wall had burst and flooded about 1/3 of the lower floor in the house including the master bath, both closets, ruined a bunch of our oak flooring then got into the laundry room and soaked the subfloor beneath the ceramic tile in there.

Needless to say, I was quickly on the phone to the insurance company. We hired a storage pod that sits in the driveway, had a moving company come in to move everything into the pod and the 2-car part of our garage. The insurance company put us up in a nice hotel (Courtyard by Marriott) for about a month. We already had a vacation planned to our place in Arizona so the insurance company got a break from the expenses while we were down there.

Before we left, we watched the demolition of the damaged flooring, the water-soaked sheetrock and the ceramic tile in the laundry room. Kustom Restoration brought in about 20 fans to speed up the drying process and had that done before we left for AZ.

So now we're back and we're busy picking out materials, colors, paint and other materials to put things back together. We're back in the hotel and loving it (NOT!). The insurance company has been OK to work with when I can get them to return phone calls. This is a hotel they suggested but I think they're getting tired of the room charges, charges for the dog, car, etc., which all comes to a tad north of $200/day. The last time I spoke with them they suggested we look for an Airbnb to move to. We don't want to pack up and move so we're staying right here.

They job of putting things back together has not yet started and out adjuster thinks that's going to be a 5-6 week process. That means Christmas and New Years will probably be spent right here. Oh, and now my wife has put her foot down and we're going to get our kitchen totally remodeled while the restoration company is here working on the house.

So, if you thought running a boat was expensive, try this on for size. The demolition part came to about $32,500. Kustom's adjustor's estimate of the repair costs will be about $68,000, and that doesn't include the kitchen remodel.

So, I don't want to hear anyone bitchin about paying for fuel or moorage, ya hear!
Sorry to hear. I can relate. Had house fire 11/2014. Gutted the house. We lived in apartment paid for by insurance for 10 months while the house was stripped completely to the studs and rebuilt, including all new floors walls windows doors insulation everything . Basically got a new house out of it, but I don’t recommend that method of remodeling. Very stressful.
Similar thing happened to us. The hose that feeds the ice maker in our fridge gave out. Filled the ceiling in our basement, which eventually came crashing down. Basically redid the whole basement.

Now we are dealing with a leak In a drain pipe. Took out one wall and the carpet. Personally I think the rehab amounts are padded because insurance is paying. Some sheet rock, paint and carpet is going to run $14k.

I guess Pirate and I sound like Joe Biden. :)
I had the ice maker plastic hose break years ago. Fortunately, no basement so it just wet main floor carpet which we dried. Had plumber replace the line with copper so wont happen ever again.
Shortly before we decided MIL wasn't able to live alone anymore she had a plugged up drain in her master bathroom. She had turned on the water and forgot about it when she went to bed and the water ran all night. It flooded the closet, bedroom, into the living room and down into the basement. The water ran for about 15 hours. Just that made a mess. About 4 days of heaters and fans with that end of the house closed off with plastic sheeting.
Sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation. Sounds like you are managing lots of moving parts.

Good luck.
When I first saw the title, I thought, Oh no! GFC's health has taken a turn for the worse! So I'm happy that was not the issue!

Sorry about your home and the struggles to rebuild.
We have a 37 item check list we go through before we leave the house for longer than a day. We also have one for the boat. Been doing this since 2003 when we left the propane tank on in the boat. I called the marina and they turned it off we live 800 miles from the boat. We leave both list where the person checking the house or boat can look at it.
I always turn the main water supply off when I leave for more than 24 hours.
Never a bad idea, but if you have a tank electric water heater, kill the breaker to that also. If you happen to have a leak with the supply turned off and it ends up draining the water heater (rare, but I've seen it), it will burn up the heating elements.
I've often thought about turning off my water supply when leaving for a week+ but I have a water softener that recharges several times a week. I just never wanted to deal with unplugging that thing too :)
In 2019 the solenoid in our dish washer failed while in the "on" position while we were asleep. Ruined all of the flooring on the first floor. All of the granite countertops were removed and the base cabinets were sent out to be rebuilt. That took 3 months. We were without a kitchen that whole time and the insurance company had to feed us. When the granite was reinstalled we found out that the numbnuts that removed it bent our under mount sink and it could not be repaired to be properly reinstalled. Couldn't find the same shaped sink and no granite company would recut the opening to fit a new sink. So the insurance company replaced all of our granite (the demo company paid for that). Total from leak to finished house was 4.5 months and $50K. It was finished the week before Christmas and the leak was mid-July.

BUT, we were able to stay in our house the whole time. I don't envy you having to move into a hotel. Hope it all goes smoothly.
Jim, and all others, Thank God there are no new health issues. In fact, my health is steadily improving. I can do physical things now that I couldn't do 6 months ago so I know I'm getting stronger.

We both feel like we're juggling balls. Too many things to keep track of and we're having to take copious notes.
JFC!!! Its 350 back to family in Ohio and I barely ever make that trip, wife goes but flies.
There is no boat I would drive 800 miles for.
Arrive destination, “Honey, give me the keys”, “Keys, I thought you brought the keys!”. “Ok, wait here, I’ll be right back”.
We live in the prairies. All we got is rivers so if we want to Ocean boat we drive. Used to fly but now retired.
Well that sucks!!! It'll get better, but living in a hotel does suck

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