Lake Powell Rendezvous 2010

Don Sr

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Feb 21, 2009
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I was wondering if there is any interest in a Lake Powell rendezvous for all the CSR members in the area. I know most folks make it to the lake for a week at a time so it would be difficult getting a consensus date. There is also the issue of Bull Frog vs. Page but I thought I would throw the opportunity out. PM or post your thoughts.
I'd love to, but I know it's just not in the cards for a year or two. I wish I lived closer!
We would be interested. We bought our boat from a family in LV and it's only an 8hr haul. What time of year? How many Days? What kind of itinerary or theme?
I'd be interested and know a couple other (but very quiet) CSR members who would as well. Memorial day weekend and mid September are the easiest times for us to get away, but other times are possible.
This will be the first year in 12 seasons I will not spend at least two weeks on the lake. Lot's of memories:

My house boat was the one that caught fire at the Bull Frog fuel dock and sank it about 4 years ago. Lawsuits just settled.

Flight for life of a compound fracture at MM63

Finding a vacationing surgeon up the San Juan to repair my finger I crushed with a sledgehammer.

And on and on.

And through all of that, it's one of the most special places I've ever been. I'm envious. You guys have a great time.
My wife and I would consider traveling up for the first time in Mid-September as well - would like to join other that know the lake and where to anchor safely at night.

Sounds like fun
Great to see the interest. I will keep the post fresh to see how many folks we can lure out to the red rocks. Looks like most of the response is from the Page area which is great. It would be nice to see some folks depart from Bull Frog and make the trip south to Page.
have slip at bull frog but could go to page
Awesome Gary, Gary where are all the Colo people? I thought we would get a faster better response. Maybe you could forward this to the folks you know but are a little to shy.. Sorry to see GT3 couldn't make it., your experiences are about the same as mine.
Well, not many posts in the last few week so I thought I'd give this a bump. I plan on traveling to Phoenix this week to pick up the boat and haul it to Bull Frog. That will leave me at Bull Frog for the holiday weekend. Let me know if anyone will be there. Powell is behind last years rate for filling proably due to the crappy cold spring we have had. Still plenty of snow in the mountains. I'm thinking of going to Page the last weekend of July 31-1 . Is this a good date?
Well don, just missed ya. I didn't realize u were on pleasant..... That is our main lake, havasu 2nd. We r heading to powell July 4 th weekend. But we r going with another group. We got invited so not our trip, or itinerary, but we plan on getting up ther for labor day too
I am headed down to Bullfrog and LP from the 6-13 for a family get away.
We will be all over the area just relaxing and visiting.

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