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Jun 25, 2017
Long Island NY
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I had a claim back in October of 21 from high winds. Having trouble getting coverage and also finding a reasonable price if someone does quote it.

Any assistance or past experience that anyone can weigh in ??
Each state is different. It's odd how state borders determine risk.....
It seems for me here in Florida, that I have to go through finding insurance every year due to, what they say, increased risk exposure. I did have a claim in early 2019 which has finally aged so I don't have to report it anymore on the insurance applications. Insurance companies previously required claim information within 3 years and now it is 5 years; except State Farm which is still 3 years.
I did have Safewaters which was a very good company but they stepped away from yacht policies. Then I had to get high risk insurance from a company in London - every year they clamped down on how I used the boat, where the boat had to be located in a "named storm", limitations where the boat could travel, an annual out-of-the-water survey with no findings, and unreasonable deductibles. All for a $13K premium. The triggers are - where the boat is located, age of boat, length, and claims.
Is there a secret "do not insure" list somewhere??? It seems like there is.....

Anyhow, State Farm has stepped back into insuring bigger boats and they are "reasonable" - well for me less than $10K
Give Travelers a call and see what they can do for you.

Plus most coverages come with mechanical breakdown coverage.

I had one claim a few years ago for an engine and my rate only went up $50 a year.
Are you old enough to join AARP? After having Geico/Boatus jack my rates no reason, i changed to AARP boat insurance. Better coverage, cheaper, easy signup. Worth a call.

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