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Oct 6, 2006
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Getting serious about moving to this area next year. Have looked at many properties on the water. Will be back down this weekend 8/1/20 looking at a few houses. Would love to get out on the water for that perspective of the area......anybody boat around here? Boat rental / tours all seemed to be closed for covid.
I have spent a lot time in that area for work over the past 20 years. Also, a fair amount of time on a boat. It's beautiful. The water is clean. Morehead City has one on the biggest swordfish tournaments in the country.

Look at charters out of Oriental and Morehead City. I find it hard to believe the small boat captains are social distancing.

FYI, this is hurricane alley for the North Carolina coast. Storms seem to hug the SC coast and then hit Cape Fear, Cape Lookout or the Outer banks. Pamlico Sound will flood towards inland depending on the wind direction. New Bern downtown had 2-4' after Florence.

Good luck with your search.
Morehead is running charters. I spend a week scuba diving there two weeks ago.

On a side note, I had no idea there was a Carolinas group. So happy I found this forum. I recently bought a 1996 290 out of Wilmington. Its now wet slipped in Carolina Beach. Sadly I am in California for now, but plan to move to Carolina Beach ASAP.
New Bern is a very interesting place. We are about 90 mile car ride from there. There was a lot of flooding during hurricane Florence, pretty severe. Tons of homes flooded, so be aware. I would assume realtors must disclose, but I am not sure. Marinas in the area are very reasonable.
Thanks for replies so far.

We are only considering homes that did not flood during Florence.....pretty good litmus test.
I grew up about 30 miles south of New Bern. Great area. I have a friend who retired to Oriental and is very happy there, big boating community and lots of waterfront property. It's fairly remote which has actually been a blessing recently. BTW, Neuse River is fresh water but becomes an estuary as it begins to mix with Pamlico Sound downstream of New Bern with gradually increasing salinity but still nowhere near ocean salt levels.
I have a few emails out to boat rental companies...not sure if they are open. I want to explore the Neuse and the Trent. Looking at homes on the Trent. Love the area, we have been down there many times now.
They have charters still going in oriental nc just went out for 2 hours last week to check out the water entrance on a house I'm under contract to purchase, great town has a lot of protected water front property there. If your interested in looking in that area I can give you a name of a great agent.
Thanks! Working with an agent already. Want to be closer to New Bern hence looking at the Trent River area.
As others have said, New Bern took a hit a few years ago, it it happens. The downtown is quaint and it is a big sailing community. It will be a 1 hour boat ride (25-30mph) to get to Morehead/Beaufort and out to the ocean. Lots to do once you get to the coast. New Bern water will stain your hull from the river water working toward the coast. The Ride down from NB to the coast is beautiful. On a nice day the Pamlico is sail boats everywhere.
I have a few emails out to boat rental companies...not sure if they are open. I want to explore the Neuse and the Trent. Looking at homes on the Trent. Love the area, we have been down there many times now.
Trent is where the majority of the flooding happened. Just FYI
Yes....only considering elevated homes that had no flooding during Florence.
I grew up about 30 miles from Newbern. Me and a few friends have put in at new bern and went all the way to the light house and back.. it was beautiful.
Newbern does flood some during hurricane. That last one where it flooded so badly was kind of a "all stars lined up" event. Slow moving hurricane. The right side of the storm blew right up the Neuse. Pushing storm surge and tons of rain with it. I vaguely remember a stat that said it was the 2nd or 3rd worst flood they had ever received. Can't remember fully. BUt the point is don't measure the standard hurrican flooding by the last one. That one was crazy!
I managed to get a 1.5 hr boat ride of the area....loved it. We have a house under contract on the Trent River....waterfront with a dock. I'm gonna need a boat!
We pushed the budget to get the house we wanted (doesn't that always happen?). So probably looking at a mid- '90s 330 or 370 DA early next year.
I am a broker down in Wilmington NC, would love to help when you are ready. Congrats on the house.

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