New to boating.

The upper housings lower race is giving me fits. It's cocked on me twice now trying to drive it in. The only option I can see is to freeze the race, throw the housing in the hot sun for several hours and measure the races depth on all sides as I drive it in. The damage the upper sustained from the gear damage might be too severe.

Decisions, decisions. Throw in the towel on the upper or get a different housing?
Just a small update.

I did get the stern drive overhauled. I ended up replacing the upper housing with a used one. The transom is mostly finished. I still have to reinstall the bell housing, shift cable etc. Missed doing that this past week when it was warm. The deck out back need to be coated.

I've replaced all the cup holders with new. Stripped all the white vinyl paint from the steering wheel and all the grab handles. moved the rear seat platform reward, fastened it correctly so the rear seat back panel is in the correct position. Still haven't made a new sun pad for the boat. That probably will happen next month. Cleaned the ski locker and replaced the plywood locker cover brace/reinforcement with 1 inch oak. "Ain't" going to sag now. Replaced the AM/FM radio with one out of the 95 Bayliner I got for free. Bought a VHF antenna. That and the marine radio still need to be mounted.

Purchased an OEM convertible top and bows from a member here. Top bows are spliced back together, sleeved and bonded. I had to destroy the lower extensions as they were corroded onto the main top bow. The boat came with them so I didn't have make new. Purchased 5 2.38 yard burgundy Sunbrella panels and returned the three yards I had originally bought. 11.9 yards for less than I paid for the three ($5.62/ yd). I used one of the panels and cut out all the pieces to make a new top. Ran six layers through my sewing machine to make sure it could handle it okay. Still need to get thread, binding and the lower rubber pieces.

That's about it for now.

Will post pictures of the top material I cut with my modified soldering iron soon.
Pictures or it didn't happen.




The last picture is of the splice made in the top bows. I covered the joint with mylar tape
This past Monday I finally took her out.

It ran good except for a little too high of an idle. Idled at 1K in gear.
Temp was 125 at idle with the engine warm and underway it stayed at a steady 140 or so. Charging voltage was around 13.5 as shown on the dash gauge. I didn't look at it underway. I was a bit too worried about driving.The next time out I will pay more attention to all the little nuances.

I need to add in an oil pressure switch for the electric choke. (Suspecting it has power whenever the key is on.)

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