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Thomas in Texas

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Jul 24, 2023
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WTB 240 Cabin Cruiser
5.7 preferred
Been boating for the last 50 years but now retired. What 23 to 25 ft Trailerable Cabin Cruisers have been made by SR? I am looking for an enclosed helm, where I can drive the boat, no matter the weather. I plan to add air conditioning/heat to allow boating all year long. I saw an older SRV 240 with enclosed helm and flybridge? What else is there?
Many Thanks in Advance,
Thomas in Texas
I have a 22 foot cabin cruiser, probably a little small for you , but perfect for 2 overnight. Think they made a 260 and a 280 or 90 in the early 2000 s
Well technically mine is with eisenglass but did not think about that sorry!
There are some older, think 1970s 1980s, which may have why you want. However, honestly, Bayliner makes exactly what you want. Search bayliner classic 2452.
Where will you be primarily boating? I see Texas in your forum name. I would think the AC you're adding will be for the cabin, not the helm. If that's the case, and you're boating anywhere in Texas, I would imagine that you won't want a completely enclosed helm.

I think a 230 Sundancer with camper canvas would be the ticket.
The enclosed helm got me, too. If you really mean hard glass enclosed, then you could consider a Sea Ray 240 Sedan (8' beam and a little tender due to the narrow beam and high center of gravity), or maybe a 255 Sedan (10' beam) and an absolutely wonderful boat. At 10', the latter is officially an overwide. As someone who has towed overwides for decades, it is no a big deal in open areas like the West. the 255's had a great layout, beautiful lines, a true all weather boat, and with optional twin small block V8's, a great performer.

Here is one:

And, interestingly, next to it is that Bayliner mentioned above. I like the Sea Ray much better, though. I have always wanted one of those 255's. And may get one, yet.

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