New to the Westerbeke diesel generator - is this as loud as it should be?

You need to pull out your DVM and check the voltage on the Glow Plugs when someone else hits the Preheat switch. That will confirm you are getting voltage and what the voltage is. Your unit uses a solenoid for the glow plugs. Page 36 of the manual, top of the page. It is a 12 VDC system.

If you don't have voltage then you have to move further back up the circuit to the relays.

Again with a helper it is easy to check the actuation and the voltage at the relays.

Make sure the remote Stop switch is not resting in the Stop position.
Thanks @PlayDate. Shower Power bypassed the relay and said the generator fired right up, glow plugs did their job. I am guessing they did what you suggest as well, but that is a guess. They did not not have a replacement on the truck, so I am looking to do this one myself.
Just for completeness since these threads live forever.....this is Page 36 of your model's manual that you linked earlier. The circle is the Preheat Solenoid that provides power to the glow plugs just to the left of the solenoid. It looks like the standard solenoid used for high amp draws and combining batteries.

What I am speculating they did was bypass the solenoid by bridging the two outside high amp terminals with a heavy duty jumper. That would be proof positive that the Solenoid was the problem if the Preheat switch is sending 12 volts to one of the small terminals on the Solenoid.


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