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Oct 30, 2019
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Bowrider 200 Select, 2003
5.0L MPI, 260 hp w/Alpha 1 Drive
Can I exclude the big lead from a Suzuki DF140 from the battery switch I am installing without unintended consequences? Repowered Searay has one engine and one battery. Switch is solely to prevent parasitic drain. Intent is to retain power tilt in "off" position. EG, could I turn off outboard if some idiot has turned off battery switch while engine is running (poor diodes!)?
I'm not sure I understand what you are proposing. I read that you want to remove the positive battery cable from your battery to your outboard?? If you did that, how would you start your engine? Most all late model outboards control the tilt/trim through the main engine harness so to keep that circuit hot while you have the battery switch off would require breaking into the tilt/trim circuit and installing some diodes and direct heavy wire to the tilt trim solenoids. For this project I give "four thumbs down". Maybe I misunderstand what you propose.
Sorry, I made an incorrect assumption about the destination of the smaller of the two engine cables. Why worry?
My 2019 Searay OB has a circuit breaker between the battery and the entire boat, including the engine......except for 1 circuit.....the trim/tilt.

There should be no parasitic drain on a small boat unless you have a smoke or CO detector, of if the ignition switch were left on or the radio was still running.
That sounds optimal. As Halfhitch noted, tracing out and isolating the Tilt circuit on the Suzuki would be more trouble than benefit. I'll just leave the outboard wired to the battery and the rest of the boat on the battery switch.

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