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Aug 23, 2009
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I have a Raymarine C80 that was installed in 2005
My boat has been through hell, from storm sandy, I just launched it last week . i just recently got some support on with my AC Electrical problem from this site, and there support help me find the problem and got it fixed.
Now this , everything on my c80 seems to work except my GPS I'm unable to track any satellites my fishfinder work's my radar
seems to work , i need to be pointed in the right direction ,, any suggestions on how i should start trouble shooting this problem ??
The raystar 125 has lights on it. See what lights are on or flashing. Raymarine is helpfull on this stuff. Call them,it's free!!

From what my Ray dealer told me, is that once its dead, you require a new antenna. The battery is non serviceable.
Just a question, have you gone into the GPS set-up screen and made sure you have the right settings in there? There are several that have to be right or you won't track the satelites.

Just a thought.
i would really like to know were SeaRay placed the inline fuse for the gps, without having to taking everything apart, to find it
Aren't these Raymarine GPS equipped with a lithium battery? Is it possible it's dead?

The external GPS like Raystar125 is using SeaTalk wires to get juice (I think red is for +, yellow for commuication and white for -), going form a memory of a unit I installed 5yrs ago.

The light indicator is your main clue as to what's going on. The MFD has a menu to see all satellites. Get to the screen and see what it shows. But, make sure the GPS antenna has the light first. BTW, different color light means different status codes.
Last week i did check the menu, and it wasn't tracking any sat , i never noticed that there was lights, on the sat antenna
i will check it out this weekend , and let you all know
i really appreciate the help
I had this same problem this summer with my C80. This is the response I received from the Raymarine Specialist located up here.

"The C80 unit originally came out in 2003, 10 years ago and has had a good service life. Issues with the RS120 antenna were resolved 7 years ago with the introduction of the RS125. The issue your seeing is with the GPS antenna not the plotter itself. You will need to replace the antenna."

Unfortunately the RS120's are hard to find. If you upgrade to the RS125 you will need the Raymarine electronic interface between the RS125 and the C80. If you find an RS120 like I did it should resolve your problem. I had no satellites and after installing the new GPS RS120 everything went back to normal.

Hope this helps.

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